Why Tessa Bailey’s Latest Release Has Us ‘Hook, Line, and Sinker’ for Small-Town Romances

We love romance. But we love small-town romances even more. In the sequel to It Happened One Summer, New York Times bestselling author Tessa Bailey captures us with the exciting and fun story about LA girl Hanna Bellinger and King crab fisherman Fox Thornton.

If you’ve read the first part of the Bellinger Sisters series—It Happened One Summer, the author introduced us to Hannah Bellinger, who is the supporting star of the novel along with the striking and sexy king crab fisherman Fox Thornton.

In the much-awaited sequel—Hook, Line, and Sinker, author Tessa Bailey serves up a delicious rom-com that focuses on the growing romance between Hannah Bellinger and Fox Thornton.

Everyone in Westport knows Fox Thorton as the sexy, carefree, flirty fisherman who can guarantee a good time, and that’s just the way he likes it. Until he meets Hannah Bellinger, who’s immune to his ways, but loves his personality and proposes a platonic friendship.

And friends, they remain until Hannah comes back to Westport for work and crashes in Fox’s spare bedroom. Flirtation, high tension, and growing feelings blur the line between Fox and Hannah’s ‘platonic friendship.’ Can the sexy fisherman change his ways for Hannah?

What we love:

Small town romances are our fave—as if we haven’t mentioned that a couple of hundred times before. But what we loved about the second installment of the ‘Bellinger Sisters’ series is just how relatable it is.

We often forget that we’re the main character of our life. As people, we tend to play supporting roles in the lives of our loved ones, disregarding our journeys. As a result, we’ve all felt lost at one point, trying to find our way to becoming the main character of our lives.

Tessa Bailey encapsulates this notion perfectly. Hannah Bellinger feels like she’s best at playing the supporting lady role in the lives of her loved ones. But now she’s tired and wants to be the leading lady. With the help of her sister and, most importantly, Fox Thornton, Hannah grows and learns to find her voice, all while falling madly in love, making her the main character of this story.

Most romance novels that follow the ‘fun, sexy, player’ arc for the male lead forget to humanise their character. In an era where humans are fighting for equality, feminist movements are at an all-time high; we shouldn’t forget that men are sexualised too.

We love how the author manages to include the sensitive subject of male objectification with care, allowing readers to understand the impact of this phenomenon. Fox Thornton may have the reputation of a flirt and is known for a good time, but he’s much more than that. He’s human and has a personality outside of the bedroom. The normalisation of male sexualisation impacts men’s mental health and lives more than we know. But unfortunately, not every man has a Hannah Bellinger in his life to open his eyes to reality.

Apart from the more serious themes of this novel, Tessa Bailey takes us back to Westport, giving us homely feels and the whiff of romance with Hannah and Fox’s ‘will they won’t they love story. Rife with humour, spice, romance, and an amazing collection of song references, ‘Hook, Line and Sinker’ leaves you wanting more. More love, more life, and definitely, more Westport.