Why Books Are The New Movies

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Winter is here and it’s official, staying in is the new going out. As the weather gets colder, being on screens for too long can leave you feeling a little square. So, let’s switch the Netflix off and turn to a good book instead, from improved mental health to an escape from reality, there are so many benefits that come from settling down with a good book. Here are some key reasons why books really are the new movies right now.

A Form of Escape

Throughout the turbulence of the pandemic, cinemas were closed and travel off the cards however, books offered a constant source of escapism, and they’re here to stay. Whether you are reliving the humorous trauma that is coming of age, or delving into an adventure in South East Asia, reading can transport you to another time or place that doesn’t require a passport or COVID vaccine.

Too Much Screen Time

Has anyone else noticed a direct correlation between increased screen time and mental health? From Zoom meetings and catch ups to online shopping, a lot of what we do has become technology based over the last year.  However, all this screen time can play havoc on our mental health and leave us feeling uninspired. There’s no need to worry though because unlike TV, reading helps you to focus and has been directly linked to increased mental health.

Improved Sleep

Watching a movie is the main way most of us relax after a busy day. However, if you are struggling to sleep, then your television could be to blame. TV is an easy way to get lost in a Netflix binge and end up going to bed hours later than intended, not to mention the harsh blue light can also keep you awake. This can cause you to feel more wound up than wound down.

Rediscover your Favourite Stories

Have you ever read the book version of a movie that you like and have realised that there was so much more to the story? Books are much more detailed and insightful than their TV counterparts and make for a much more thought-provoking and absorbing an experience.

Connect with Others

Reading can be a solitary experience, but it doesn’t have to be. With the Carry A Book app, you can connect with likeminded individuals and read together, not alone. The app is designed to help you make new friends and stay connect with current friends with the same passion for books and author as you. The Carry A Book app allows you to share your thoughts about your favourite books and join a virtual book club – so let’s switch off the TV and check out a new book instead.