Our All-Time Favourite Romance Books!

romance book

Are you a hopeless romantic looking to indulge in your next big love story? Or on the hunt for a new piece of literature to explore? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best romance books to read this month that feature heart-wrenching stories and celebrations of love, which are sure to give you a good laugh or cry.

You don’t need roses or chocolates, all you need is a hot steamy romance story to captivate you and sweep you off your feet. As there are many books to discover, it can be challenging to find the right one. Our list below covers must-read recommendations from Carry A Book readers who enjoy romantic suspense.

Life Your Life – Sophie Kinsella 

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of ‘I Owe Your One‘ is the release of ‘Love Your Life’. Ava thinks love should be found in real life, not online dating apps. After a recent breakup, she decides to hold off on love and escape to a writer’s retreat in coastal Italy. At the retreat, you’re not permitted to use your actual name or give any personal information, where she meets an exceptional man and has a brief, romantic love affair. But what happens when she goes back to reality – her life in London? Will they bring their separate lives together for love? If you want to find out more, this book is for you.

Call Me by Your Name – André Aciman  

Rated 4.15/5 with over 30,000 reviews on Goodreads, is this powerful romantic story. Following seventeen-year-old Elio on his summer holiday in Italy, he meets twenty-four-year-old Oliver, a guest at his parent’s Italian villa. As they explore the Italian Riviera, things become steamy and mark a lifetime event they might never find again. If you enjoy reading a book that captures your attention with unforgettable experiences and intimacy, get this book at your local bookstore and dive in!

The Two Lives of Lydia Bird – Josie Silver

Lydia had never imagined life without her partner Freddie, as they have been together for over a decade. However, as Freddie tragically dies in a car accident, Lydia’s life comes crashing down. Knowing that Freddie would want her to live a full life, she enlists Freddie’s closest friend and sister’s assistance to help her reintegrate back into society. Her ambitions come to a halt when she is granted the chance to reconnect with Freddie one more time – a miracle that will transform Lydia’s life forever. This book is full of surprises and will take you on a ride of a lifetime. Intrigued to find out what happens next? Grab a copy!

Love, Unscripted – Owen Nicholls 

When Ellie and Nick first met and fell in love, Nick was convinced it was a scene from a movie. As Ellie moves out of their shared house together after claiming that she no longer feels the heat between them, Nick examines Ellie’s connection and realises that he is more alone than ever before. This investigation helps Nick notice that not all relationships are as ideal as those shown in movies and that life can throw unexpected curveballs. This story will get you hooked and keep you wanting to know what will happen next. Was their romance destined for a ‘happily ever after’? Will they find a way back to each other?

The Worst Best Man – Mia Sosa

Carolina Santos, a wedding planner, has just experienced her biggest nightmare… being left at the altar for her own wedding. After regaining her composure, she takes a new employment offer that will change her life. However, she must collaborate with Max Hartley, her ex-fiancés brother, to take on the new position. Carolina will have to get past the fact that Max urged his brother to abandon her before their wedding if the two are to prosper. Will the story spark love or hate between the two individuals? This book will take you on a journey of hope and romance that will put you on the edge of your seat.

When Katie Met Cassidy – Camille Perri

Katie Daniels, 28, has recently been dumped by her fiancé, Paul. With her world flipped upside down, she agrees to meet Cassidy Price, a lady she meets at work for a drink. Soon after, the two build a tight connection that might blossom into something more. Katie is now rethinking everything she once believed she understood about sex, love, relationships, and herself. Get ready to get lost in your thoughts and experience what love is really like behind the scenes.

The Notebook – Nicholas Sparks 

The Notebook doesn’t need any introduction as it’s one of the best romantic stories of the last decade! If you haven’t yet watched the movie, we highly recommend reading the book first. Nicholas Sparks’ personal and fascinating story of Noah and Allie’s romance is one that truly stands the test of time, giving not only a moving love story but a real experience about the limitlessness of love. Grab the tissues before you start reading, as this book captures the true meaning of love and is a very relatable story.

Our list includes all genres of romance books, from sweet rom-coms to cheesy traditional stories. Whether you have a partner or you’re single, plan a special night to enjoy a new romance that fancies your interest, make your favorite dinner, grab a glass of wine, and enjoy an evening to yourself indulge in a world of love.