Top Tips For Starting And Nurturing A Successful Online Book Club

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Have you ever wanted to meet people with the same taste in books as you? Or even dreamt of starting a your own book club? It’s hard to make these things with social distancing regulations still in place… but it is not impossible!

The good news is that today’s technology has given us the ability to easily connect with one another, which has resulted in the creation of online book clubs! With an online book club, you can connect with people from all around the world and share your thoughts in one digital space.

If you’ve been thinking about starting your own online book club, here are some tips:

Find a platform to meet and communicate with book lovers like yourself

We suggest you find a digital space where you can easily interact and communicate with people. You can meet people through social media platforms such as on Facebook pages and in group chats – you can easily moderate groups and schedule meetings. Another way you can meet people who are truly interested in books and hold similar interests as you is on a companionship apps such as Carry A book!

Pick a name for your book club

Giving a name for your book club creates a sense of belonging and identity for your members – Make it fun and be creative!

Keep your circle small

Always choose quality over quantity. The ideal size for an online book club is 7 to 15 members. One of the easiest ways to meet people for your club is to download Carry A book! Invite your new friends and ask them to invite there’s!

Decide on a video platform for virtual meetings

There are many ways you can conduct virtual meetings for your Book Club. You could use Skype, Zoom, Facebook, Google Hangouts or a combination of platforms. Each option has its pros and cons, so always discuss with your group members which work best for everyone!

Identify the genre and pick a book

Ask your group members for recommendations and come up with a selection of books to choose for your discussions. To involve everyone in the final decision, you can set up a digital vote!

Share your thoughts in the club & keep a record of what you discussed

Regularly post your thoughts and questions to stay connected with your book club and encourage others to do the same! You can post reminders about upcoming meetings and provide suggested discussion notes for inspiration!

Pick a meeting day and stick to it

Again, involve everyone in the decision making. It’s no use picking a day that works for you if half of the other members can’t participate. Have a couple of dates on the table and decide by a vote! Once you have your date set, get comfy and get start talking! Initiate discussion and check-in with people, just like you’d do in person. 

Pick your next book before the end of the meeting. 

Remember to mention the next book and upcoming discussion dates before closing the meeting!

If you’re not ready to start your own book club, start-off by joining established book clubs or start a book conversation on Carry A Book to gain confidence in starting you own club!

Happy reading and stay connected.