Top 10 Books To Read This August


August is here and we’ve got plenty of exciting book suggestions for you to read this month. Whether you’re a book worm or you’re simply looking for a way to switch off in the evening, there’s nothing better than settling down with a new book.

Our top 10 books are sure to spark some joy or give you a little escapism during the pandemic. Here are some of our favourite reads and a couple of hidden gems to check out too.

1.One Hundred Days, Alice Pung

One Hundred Days is the latest book from celebrated Australian author, Alice Pung. It follows the story of sixteen-year-old Karuna, who falls pregnant and is confined to her housing commission flat (for 100 days) by her overprotective mother. In this book, Pung explores the dynamic of mother and daughter relationships and examines the lines between love and control, as Karuna battles for a sense of power over her own life.

2. The Midnight Library, Matt Haig

This novel was the winner of the Goodreads choice Award in 2020, so it’s definitely one to get stuck into this month. The story centers around a library that exists beyond the edge of the universe, with an infinite number of books (every book lover’s dream!). For every two books, one tells the story of your life as it is and the other tells the story of your life as it would be if you had made a different choice at one pivotal moment. The story’s protagonist is faced with a tough decision as she is given the opportunity to exchange her life for a new one. A very fascinating and thought provoking read about what it really means to live life.

3. Such A Fun Age, Kiley Reid

This debut novel by Reid won rave reviews and awards when it came out in 2020. Such A Fun Age is an addictive read as it follows the story of African American babysitter, Emira, whose white employer creates havoc for her. After Emira is a subject to public racism and humiliation in the local supermarket, Alix Chamberlain helps Emira make things right. Alix is a woman who gets what she wants and has made a living with her confidence and personal brand, showing other women they can do the same. The book brings dry and dark humour to everyday domestic biases in society – an all-round captivating and intriguing read.

4. Convenience Store Woman, Sayaka Murata

This international bestseller written by Japanese author, Sayaka Murata is a heartwarming and inspiring novel. It follows the story of thirty-six-year-old, Keiko who lives in Tokyo. The protagonist is very much an outsider, feeling that she doesn’t fit in anywhere. That is, until she begins working at a convenience store. Here, she understands the rules of social interaction and tries her best to play the part of a normal person, well that is until her family forces her to start a ‘proper career’. Her parents’ wishes kickstart a whole chain of events, which are very relatable to young people. A hidden gem offering a refreshing look at contemporary work culture and the pressure to conform.

5. The Start Up Wife, Tahmima Anam

Newly released in July 2021 is The Startup Wife is a gripping book that follows two newlyweds who build an app that replaces religious rituals. Asha and Cyrus’s new platform is a sensation, with millions of users watching online rituals on it every day. The platform initially brings fame to the couple but soon after comes the question of whether their marriage will survive. This interesting book examines the broader issues of faith, technology and modern-day relationships.

6. Animal, Lisa Taddeo

Another top read for this August is Animal by international best seller, Lisa Taddeo. This novel is a dark story about rage, power and control and follows a very complexed protagonist, Joan. After witnessing a shocking act of violence, Joan flees to New York, in search of a women called Alice, the only person who can help her make sense of her past. A haunting and visceral book of women surviving men and draws readers closer to Joan and the brutal mystery of her past.

7. Tin Man, Sarah Winman

Tin Man follows the story of two young adults, Ellis and Michael, who are inseparable friends in their hometown of Oxford. The story fast forwards ten years to where Ellis is married to Annie and Michael is nowhere to be found. This book is not quite a love story as it brings up questions of the past, making things complicated between Ellis and Michael. This beautiful book is full of warmth and tenderness and heartbreak. A book that you’re sure to enjoy and find hard to put down once you start reading.

8. The Anthropocene Reviewed, John Green

The Anthropocene Reviewed comes from award winning author, John Green. A deviation book from Green’s bestsellers like The Fault In Our Stars. Instead, this book is a collection of deeply moving personal essays in which Green reviews different facets of the human centred planet, from the QWERTY keyboard to sunsets in Madagascar. A funny and complex book that explores contemporary humanity that makes for an original and inspiring read.

9. Malibu Rising, Taylor Jenkins Reid

Take a trip to California with the latest novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid. The story follows four famous siblings who throw a huge party at their home in Malibu in 1983. Each sibling has a different anticipations for the night however the party spirals out of control, culminating in an unforgettable and life changing event. This book offers pure escapism and will certainly take you on a whirlwind journey back in time. What better way to sit at home than by reading a blast from the past.

10. Let’s Talk About Hard Things, Anna Sale

Last up is a new release written by Anna Sale, host of the cult podcast ‘Death, Sex and Money’. Sale is known for tackling hard hitting questions on her show, and in this book she takes things that one bit further, going on a quest for communication in her own life. She reflects on taboo topics such as race, wealth, death and power and different ways of approaching these topics with family and friends.

That’s a wrap for our top 10 books to get stuck into this month. With a wide range of genres from romance to mystery and stories from Malibu parties to life in Tokyo, our top 10 books are sure to spark your imagination. There’s nothing better than finding the perfect book to get stuck into and read at the end of the day to unwind.

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