Top 10 Books that will Take You on a Journey

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When you read a great book, the writer has a way of capturing your mind and taking into their world. You join them for the journey of where their characters are going and what narrative they are going to find. The picture gets painted in your mind and you create your own movie, even your own idea of what happens next to the characters after you finish the novel.


With lockdown still lingering on in most of the world, travel seems like a faint distant memory. It’s hard to imagine when we will go exploring again, so in the meantime why not divulge into a book which takes you on a journey to a place outside of your reading nook.


Want to go on a journey? Here are 10 book recommendations for a quick escape:


  1. Harry Potter- JK Rowling

This 7-part series chronicles the life of Harry Potter and his friends Hermione and Ron. It takes you on a journey to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and through the trials and tribulations they face as teenagers practicing their witchcraft. All whilst attempting to save Harry from ‘he who must not be named’. If you love fantasy and are looking to escape to a realm of sorcery, this series is the perfect getaway.


  1. Eat, Pray, Love- Elizabeth Gilbert

Changing gears, you may be familiar with the Hollywood film, yet did you know originally it was a novel published by Elizabeth Gilbert. This book follows Gilbert embark on a journey of self-discovery through travel, by spending time in Rome, India and Bali. Taking readers on a voyage of self and spiritual exploration through food, relationships and change.


  1. The Alchemist- Paul Coelho

Originally published in 1988 in Portuguese, then 1993 in English, Paul Coelho’s novel takes you on a journey following Santiago, an Andalusian Shepard boy who is searching for a treasure buried near the pyramids of Egypt. Along his journey we meet characters that help him on his quest, which turns into a journey of self-discovery. If you are looking for a meaningful and powerful yet humble journey which takes you to Europe and Africa, then look no further.


  1. Beyond the Sea- Paul Lynch

Imagine setting sail only to be cast adrift in the Pacific Ocean, with only one other person. This novel explores how Bolivar and Hector deal with their situation and come to terms with the fact that they may not be rescued. It’s a story of two men trying to survive, deal and live with each other and follows the ups and downs of life.


  1. Gone Girl- Gillian Flynn

Follow the disappearance of Amy Dunne, was she murdered? Or is she missing? This story uncovers some truths behind marriage. What’s really going on under the smiling faces of husband and wife? Could Amy’s husband, Nick, have killed her? Follow the journey of this police investigation and Nicks discovery of his wife’s true mind.


  1. Journey to the Centre of the Earth- Jules Verne

Fantasy meets travel meets science fiction. Professor Lindenbrock and his nephew Axel travel to Iceland to find the centre of the earth. The journey takes readers on a discovery of the world beyond the surface of Earth and all the natural hazards, sights, monsters and beasts.


  1. On the Road- Jack Kerouac

Sal Paradise and his friend Dean Moriarty embark on a journey travelling and discovering all things Americana. Along their journey they discover music, women and partying and what it means to be young and living ‘Beat’.


  1. The Hunger Games Series- Suzanne Collins.

This series is based on a dystopian future following Katniss Everdeen, who enters the hunger games competition. In the fictional city of Panem, North America, the wealthy Capitol city rules the poorer 12 districts, which each year embark on an annual competition, as punishment for past rebellion by a no longer existing district, 13.


  1. Into the Wild- Jon Krakauer

Christopher Johnson McCandless gives up his belongings, money and life to hitch hike to Alaska and live a life without possessions. This book chronicles his journey from a comfortable life to living life without a map and off the land abandoning comfort, luxury and ease.


  1. The Hobbit- J.R.R Tolkien.

This fantasy classic, turned into film series, follows hobbit Biblo Baggins and wizard Gandalf into the world of middle earth. A tale of adventure with 13 dwarfs, Biblo must reclaim the treasure from Smaug. Readers are taken into the enchanted world of trolls, magic, giant spiders and all things that don’t exist above ground, to follow the adventures of Biblo’s mission.


Whether you’re looking to escape winter or the restrictions in place due to the pandemic, try getting lost in a book and following the journey of life outside of your life. Reading can take us to all different dimensions of the universe from exploring Rome to Middle Earth.