The Rise of Online Book Clubs

Online Book Clubs

Whether you would consider yourself an avid reader or have never finished a book before, it is safe to say that 2020 has allowed most to read more books than they probably ever have before. With many having copious amounts of spare time, there is only so much social media scrolling and Netflix watching that can be done before the boredom kicks in. The search for alternative entertainment has most definitely provided the perfect opportunity to escape isolation and delve into a new world of your choice through books.

Throughout the past few months of isolation, people have taken their new love for books as a way to connect with friends when they can’t physically be with them through book clubs. With social media becoming a large part of how people connect today, it has become easier for people to share their favourite novels on an online platform. This is a trend that can also be seen with celebrities; from actresses such as Emma Watson creating her own feminist book club, @oursharedshelf, to models such as Kaia Gerber, starting a weekly book club on her Instagram and interviewing fellow readers. Followers of these celebrities are highly influenced by their posts and with many other celebrity book clubs being made today, people are inspired by their recommendations are encouraged to take part in book clubs themselves.

Engaging in book clubs are a great way for people to get outside their comfort zone and learn about a topic that they may not have chosen themselves. The range of topics and genres that can be looked into in a book club is never ending and with the flavour for education and becoming smarter being more attractive than ever before, it allows people to widely broaden their knowledge. A book club provides the perfect combination of socialising with friends, while also uncovering insights and opinions that you may not have considered when reading yourself.

Due to books becoming increasingly accessible, it has become easier to take these recommendations and create book clubs with friends. Ordering books online enables people to have their favourite books delivered straight to their front door, as well as online apps, such as Kindle and Apple Books, allowing friends to be reading the same book in a matter of minutes, with just the touch of a button! Having such a wide variety of books at the tips of your fingers, means it is possible to read as many books as you like.

Transitioning back into busy everyday life, a book club is a great opportunity to continue the love for reading that has been explored by so many during quarantine. It keeps members accountable and provides a reminder to relax and engage in something that takes your mind off those everyday stressors. Carryabook enables users to connect with other book-lovers, who have similar book interests, whether that be broadening knowledge in your field of work, a particular political topic or just for pure entertainment. Download the Carryabook App via the App Store to chat with other members and join as many book clubs as you like!