The Power of Reading: Connecting Readers Around the World


One of the greatest things about books is how they can connect us to people who share similar hobbies and views on life. Reading is not only a great way to escape reality and drift off into another universe, but a fantastic way to connect with other like-minded individuals around the country or even on the other side of the world. With the development of new technologies, people from all corners of the globe are now more connected than ever, with apps such as Carry A Book allowing individuals to chat to new people with similar book passions, creating friendships in a truly dynamic fashion.

Life is all about sharing experiences with your friends, as well as telling stories to those who weren’t there. Each book has a truly unique experience that deserves to be shared.

Here’s how reading can help connect book lovers from all corners of the world:

Meet New Friends at Book Clubs

Book clubs are the traditional way to meet people who share similar interests to you. Community libraries all over the world commonly hold book club sessions or events tailored around the interests of book enthusiasts, giving passionate readers an opportunity to expand their social circles. Readers can learn about new stories, discuss classics and share their opinions with others in the local community.

While book clubs have been one of the longest standing methods of connecting with other passionate book lovers, the recent pandemic has made it hard for everyone, prompting a shift to online book clubs and apps. Apps like Carry A Book have played a pivotal role in keeping the human touch in virtual book clubs, ensuring people who share similar interests continue sharing ideas and their passion for books.

The Power of Social Media

Social media is one of the greatest tools of the modern day, allowing people to connect and communicate with other individuals from all over the world. Facebook is one of the most popular platforms for connecting with new people who have similar interests. A quick search will find you in a new group of friends to discuss your favourite books with other like-minded individuals.

The powerful thing about social media is that you can make what you want of it. Readers can start group conversations on social media such as on Instagram or Facebook to talk about specific interests, and details about their favourite authors, and book titles. Another unique feature of social media is the ability to interact with authors and follow their journey towards creating another binge-worthy book. You might even find out something about the upcoming sequel you’ve been dying to read! There are hundreds of fan pages and discussion boards on social media, with people waiting to hear your interesting opinions and thoughts on your favourite literary narratives.

Carry A Book App

There are book lovers in every corner of the globe looking to connect with people who share similar interests. The Carry A Book app takes everything readers like about physical book clubs and converts it into a global immersive digital experience. By selecting your favourite books as well as your current read, the algorithm connects you with people most aligned with your interests. 

Carry A Book brings a whole new meaning to book clubs, fostering global connections with a touch of a button. Online platforms like Carry A Book allow virtual book clubs to form easily, and incorporate a more diverse array of perspectives and opinions into your discussions. This platform allows book lovers to become more connected than ever, in a period where we have never been more apart. 

Books have the power to not only transport you into another world but enables you to meet people you would never expect. By connecting with new individuals who share similar interests, and perhaps different perspectives, your creativity will continue to grow and your perspective on life may change as well.

Download Carry A Book app today and discover a new world of literary nerds and develop life-long friends.