The Best Bookshop Cafes Around Australia

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With authors including the likes of Melina Marchetta, Matthew Reiley, Banjo Patterson, Richard Flanagan there is no wonder that Australia has an abundance of locations for diehard readers to meet and read their latest book.

With book clubs being a great activity for book lovers to divulge in more conversation then just the read itself, it’s a great way meet new people and find new hidden places to discuss books and have good coffee. So, we have compiled a list of the best locations for book clubs to meet.

Gertrude & Alice

A much-loved institution in the heart of Bondi, NSW, Gertrude & Alice bookstore and coffee shop has been around for almost 20 years. Frequented by readers, writers, thespians and coffee-lovers, this is the perfect place to for book clubs to go and enjoy the atmosphere.

With coffee, home-made treats and endless selections of books this bookstore could be your new getaway. “After losing yourself between the shelves or sitting in an armchair to read some obscure publications, you might forget you’re on one of Bondi’s busiest streets,” Broadsheet .

Sappho Books

A bookstore, café, wine bar and hosts of extra-curricular activities including live mic nights and poetry readings, Sappho Books is an eccentric venue perfect for a book club catch up. With 30,000 titles stacked upon its shelves with many ‘hard to find’ prints this is a perfect literary hangout. A small Café and wine bar on the inside means there is a perfect beverage and bite to eat when the depth of discussions on your latest read takes its toll. This bookstore whilst normal from the outside will be a great place to add to your book club meetups.

Fullers Bookshop

Originally established in 1920, Fullers Bookshop has been a central part of the literary and cultural scene in Tasmania. With many changes of hands and new locations this Hobart store is now a leading bookseller and a great place for the literary minded with many author events, readings and book groups using the location to talk all things books. With their neighbour being Afterword Cafe, it makes this bookstore a great location to catch up, discuss the latest read with good company and enjoy delicious food.

The Mockingbird Lounge

With the aptly-name coffee shop and second-hand bookshop, The Mockingbird Lounge is a cosy unique venue perfect for all book lovers. Set in Glenelg South, SA this venue has a reputation of a creative hub with a diverse range of users including its die-hard book lovers. With cosy and homely furnishings complimented by walls lined with books and pieces of artwork, this location is truly an artistic haven. With a café that offers plentiful of beverages including a small range of South Australia Wines and a large range of homemade food, this relaxed atmosphere is perfect for every book club.

The Bodhi Tree Bookstore Café

The Bodhi Tree Bookstore Cafe is an inspiring and unique bookstore and café where “inspiring books feed your soul whilst wholesome food feeds your belly.” The books within the store are chosen for their purposefulness and uplifting content which matches the fair-trade and premium quality ingredients used within the café. Western Australia’s Scoop reflected the stores ability to raise consciousness and wellbeing of the community through the promotion of conscious development in all areas of life. This café would be a great place for book clubs to focus on self-love and care with plenty of space to discuss all things life.

Hare Hyenas

Melbourne, Victoria’s Hare and Hyenas has been in operation for over 20 years and has bookshelves filled with everything you could think and dream of. With a full licensed bar and café, Time Out explains this humble-looking bookshop is more like a superpower-packing transformer. With plenty of changes over the 20 years this location has become a hub for anyone interest in socialising in a literary setting with books being updated regularly to meet the changes occurring around the world. With amble space and a great café this is the perfect Melbourne hub to host your book club.

The Clarence Corner Book Shop

A combination of books and coffee has proven to be the perfect get away from our day-to-day activities and a great alternative for meetings including book club get togethers.  Clarence Corner Book Shop offers quality barista coffee and delicious treats alongside quality second-hand books. With constant updates to the book range, it’s a great space to find something perfect for everyone from out-of-print books to the latest releases.

So, if you are looking for an alternative to your regular online meetings or catch ups in the park. Look into your local book cafes including the ones listed and find a new alternative that serves great books alongside good coffee to create a great atmosphere for your cerebral conversations.