The Best Book Clubs

The Best Books Clubs

Sharing a good book with friends is worthwhile but searching for your next page turning thriller can be a real challenge. Thankfully, trending book clubs by our favourite Hollywood A-listers offer an innumerable number of recommendations literally at our fingertips. Hollywood A-listers like Oprah Winfrey and Emma Watson are turning their lifelong love of reading into a global phenomenon with their favourite literary picks. If you’re in need of some help with what book to read next, we’ve collected some of the best book clubs below to get you started. 

Oprah’s Book Club by Oprah Winfrey

Founded in 1996 Oprah’s book club has been going strong for over 20 years. The book club consists of her own recommendations, author interviews and book guides, making it the ultimate book club to be a part of. In a recent partnership with Apple Oprah’s book club will now include interviews with authors and recommendations via video to help reach that sweet spot where insight and perspective, truth and tolerance intersect.

Hello Sunshine by Reese Witherspoon

What started as a casual social media endeavour, Reese Witherspoon’s book club ‘Hello Sunshine’, is a community propelled by meaningful connections with stories, authors, and fellow members, sparking joy and conversation online and in real life. Every month, Reese picks one book she loves, with a woman at the center of the story and shares it with her book club.

Belletrist by Emma Roberts

Founded in 2017 by Emma Roberts and Karah Preiss, ‘Belletrist’ offers a community for the curious that celebrates great books, the authors with who write them, and the people who so lovingly read them. In her online book club Emma Roberts discusses all things books, from the newest releases to rare literary finds. In collaboration with writer Karah Preiss, Roberts also regularly sits down with her favourite authors for exclusive interviews.

Our Shared Shelf by Emma Watson

English actress, model, and activist Emma Watson launched her feminist online book club, Our Shared Shelf, to inspire and encourage more women to read feminist inspired novels. The intersectional feminist bi-monthly book club selects and reads one book every month, then discusses the work during the month’s last week, to give everyone time to read it. 

Carry A Book

Something you wouldn’t read about, Carryabook is an app that connects you with other book loving companions. More than just a book club, the Carryabook App offers a sense of community in which users can share, educate, and respectfully challenge one another on a range of topics both online and offline. Carryabook helps you meet and make new friends who share your love of books and who may wish to share their thoughts.