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10 Popular Book Releases In 2022

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Dozens of new books enter the shelves of your local bookstore every year, many being well-awarded either written by notable authors or even authors you’ve never heard of. Reading is about discovering uncovering stories, adding another dimension to your views, and finding a way to relax and escape everyday life. Authors have a unique way […]

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7 Book Genres You Might Not Know About!

If you’re a regular reader you’ll be very familiar with the classic literacy genres of mystery, romance, fantasy, horror, and so on, but there are many more types of books and sub-categories out there for you to explore. You might not realise how many other book genres actually exist so we’re going to tell you […]

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The Most Controversial Books of All Time


When an author writes a book that explores violence, racism, political views, religion, sexual content or excessive use of language, it often becomes controversial. When a book doesn’t match up with the public’s standards and society views, it attracts a lot of negative attention and feedback. Some of these controversial books created disputes and were […]

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Why Books Are The New Movies

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Winter is here and it’s official, staying in is the new going out. As the weather gets colder, being on screens for too long can leave you feeling a little square. So, let’s switch the Netflix off and turn to a good book instead, from improved mental health to an escape from reality, there are […]

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From reading under the Doona to Zoom coffee dates

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Reading books has always been beneficial in many ways. It is a practice adapted by people from all walks of life which builds a person’s personality and skills, providing with a deeper understanding of every literary text you read. Love for reading comes naturally, where you understand and experience the lives of the characters of […]

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