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Looking for a New Thriller? Best Crime Books of All Time

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Crime has an element that intrigues us to the point of fascination. While romance, adventure, and fantasy are go-to book genres, many of us are drawn to the thrill of crime, obscurity, and the justice system.  Across the web, movies, and other publications we hear about true crime and thrillers that keep us on our toes […]

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How Books Have Come Back into Fashion?

How books have come back into fashion

I’m sure we can all agree that there is no better feeling than finishing a book. The accomplishment of turning over the last page, the satisfaction of having all your many questions answered and the rush of excitement as you begin to brainstorm which book you will be starting next! Books have been an incredibly […]

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Carry A Book: A Literary Cure For Loneliness

Carry A Book

While social-distancing guidelines are crucial in reducing further spread of COVID-19, these measures can also have significant adverse impacts on our health. For many, having fewer physical social interactions may result in more loneliness. Severe loneliness can be harmful for both our mental and physical wellbeing and therefore it is necessary for us to manage […]

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