Sparking a Meaningful Conversation in the Digital Age | Carryabook App

Today, our lives are consumed by social media and networking apps and consequently, meaningful conversations are often hard to find. 2020 has bought about a ‘new normal’ in the social landscape due to social distancing and lockdown restrictions. Over the past month, there has been a resurgence for books and social media apps that connects people to the wider world. So, if you’re looking to spark a conversation, Carryabook is the solution for you.

The Carryabook App is a new way to engage in real, intellectual and philosophical conversations, without the pressure of becoming more than friends. Beyond this, Carryabook App provides users a way to connect with like-minded individuals, have a meaningful conversation and become a part of a community.


Connect with like-mind individuals

Carryabook is an app for book lovers to meet new people based on literary preferences and allows users to discuss books and provide book recommendations in real time.

The app is accessible on the iPhone and is easy to set up and navigate. Once loaded, the new user fills in details about themselves, current reads and favourite books, along with their geographical location. With that data, the app begins to match the user with others nearby.

Here, users don’t ‘swipe left’ or ‘swipe right’; but instead when they receive a regional match, they have the choice to ‘coffee’ with a new friendly reader. However, if the user passes on the ‘coffee’ opportunity, the match is quietly dismissed.


Have meaningful conversations

Carryabook App allows you to connect with new people without the pressure of becoming more than just friends. While other social media apps look to match would-be partners, Carryabook breaks down stereotypical and superficial barriers. Users don’t connect with each other based on age, gender, race or occupation, but friendships formed to build a solid foundation of shared interests.

The app invites users to have a cerebral conversation and find connections that expand one’s knowledge on books. So often people have become afraid to have in-depth conversations about things that matter – Carryabook App provides the opportunity to do just that.


Become a part of a community

Carryabook is more than an app, it is also a community. It’s about sharing, educating and respectfully challenging each other on topics about history, romance, drama, politics, fantasy and other genres – both online and offline.


Over time, the way people communicate has changed drastically but the one thing that remains is a shared love for books and conversations that derive from them. If you want to know more about this trending app, watch this full video interview. Our ambassador Lennia Pedroso was interviewed by Ticker Jumpstart to share a new solution to connect with new people and talk about things that truly matter.