These Safety Guidelines and Privacy & Terms are designed to ensure that app users have a safe and enjoyable experience when connecting and meeting new people. Please read these safety tips and always be cautious when using the app.

Please note: We do not conduct background checks on the members or subscribers to this App.

  • Do not share personal information with anyone unless you are 100% certain that you feel comfortable to share it.
  • Do not send money to anyone or give them your financial information.
  • Use common sense and get to know your new companions slowly and carefully. Use the messaging facility to explore questions and interests.
  • Always meet up in a busy public space, never in a private location.
  • Tell a friend about the details of your meet up and the location and take your mobile phone.
  • If you feel uncomfortable at any time you should politely break off the approach or leave the meeting if you have already met up. Remember this App is about meeting new companions for company and conversation. It is not a dating site.
  • If you have any unsettling experiences, please report it to our customer service team.