Reading With a Friend is Fun - Here's Why!


Time and again, we’re reminded that reading is essential. It shapes not just a child’s life but also adults. Reading helps build confidence and vocabulary. It makes you knowledgeable and is a tech-free hobby if you don’t count e-books.

While reading is essential, it is also fun. And why should you have fun alone? Having a reading buddy can make all the difference in the world. But, what is ‘Buddy Reading?’

The concept is simple. A buddy read is when you and someone else read the same book simultaneously and then discuss it. You can talk about the plot, discuss the characters, where you’ve left off, your likes and dislikes and everything about the book you’re reading.

Is there a book on your TBR you’ve been putting off for ages? Do you have a new book that’s so long that you might take forever to finish it? Buddy Reading makes your life easier and adds a fun element to your reading experience. New friends, new connections and new books — we love buddy reading, and you should too!

Now that we understand what ‘Buddy-Reading’ is, let’s look at its benefits.

  1. Encourages friendship

When you engage in a buddy read, you are accountable to your reading buddy and yourself. With this exercise, you can keep in touch with the person, have daily conversations, talk about the book you’re reading or just life in general.

This builds a level of trust between you and your buddy. And the best part? You can discuss the book with them. This can be a fun exercise to make stronger bonds and show your commitment to reading.

  1. Increases interest

Often, when the book does not grip us, we read only for the sake of finishing it. However, you’re compelled to read more deeply when you have a reading buddy. You immerse yourself in the storyline and share your thoughts with your reading buddy.

Discussing your favourite quotes, what you learned from the story, and more can simulate a sense of empathy and understanding within you, making your buddy bond stronger.

  1. You read more

Readers can be masters at procrastinating. As a result, our TBRs are never-ending, and our book purchases are continuous. As a result, you can quickly go through your TBR and tick off books with reading buddies.

The more you read, the more you know and the stronger your friendship becomes. Additionally, the reading buddy exercise is perfect if you’re intimidated by long books or massive hardcovers. Both of you can set reading goals and finish the book together!

  1. A book club for two

Reading alone is fun, but you can geek out on the book you’re reading together when you have a reading buddy. It allows you to fan over all the things you love about the story, its characters and more.

Fangirling/Fanboying together builds a stronger connection between you and your reading buddy. It can be humorous with inside jokes, knowledgeable with theories and just an overall fun experience.

  1. No official rules

Buddy reading is an exercise that requires minimal investment. You don’t have to have pre-planned questions or discussion points. Instead, you can make conversations as you read.

For introverts, buddy reading is perfect because it ensures a one-on-one interaction while helping you build a connection with the reading buddy. In addition, it helps build confidence and increases your social skills.

At Carry A Book, we encourage you to connect with other readers and build relationships around your love for books. Through our app, you can meet other readers, decide to read a similar book or just discuss one you’ve read already. Download the Carry A Book App today!