Read and Binge with Friends


Trying to stay connected with friends during the last few years has been challenging, and in times like this remaining connected with the people we care for is more critical than ever. As we approach the two-year mark of the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdown fatigue is starting to wear us down. Reading has become an escape to be transported to different places without the need of a passport.

If you’re trying to come up with ideas of how to remain connected this year, here’s what you can read and binge with your friends.

Join An Online Book Club

Most of us have a similar stereotype of what a book club looks like; a group of older individuals meeting once a week to catch up and discuss a book over a glass of wine and gossip. The truth is, a book club can either be precisely that, or the exact opposite. Book clubs can be as formal or informal as you want them to be; it’s all dependant on you and your friends.

There’s no greater feeling like finishing a good read and just wanting to discuss every thought and feeling with someone. Book clubs allow you to do just that. Having a space where you and your friends can discuss your thoughts and opinions not only allows you to connect, but you also allows you to hear things from a different point of view. 

If you’re not interested in joining an existing book club, you can create your own, and you and your friends can decide on what to read. Even though you might want to start a book club with your friends, they will most likely have different interests in books and read a variety of book genres. 

While reading a book you’re not interested in might initially be challenging, you can discover new genres that you may not have previously considered and could even find your next favourite read.

Find TV Shows & Movies Based on Books You’ve Read 

Chances are you’ve probably seen more TV shows and movies than you think are based on books – Mean Girls, Clueless, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, The Help, and many more are all based on books. 

To keep yourself occupied and connected with friends, you can see if the books you’ve read have been turned into TV shows or movies and watch them together over a video call. If you don’t know what TV shows or movies have been based on books you’ve read, pick your top movies and TV shows and research to discover if they previously had a book.

As creating a book club allows you to discover new books; this does too. Not only will you find new books, but you can also find new TV shows and movies to watch with friends online. 

Reading the book and watching the movie or TV show can open you up to two different perspectives of the same storyline and enable you to analyse both contextual streams critically. 

Have a Cooking Night

As you might not be able to visit friends or travel overseas, you can have a fun night cooking together over Zoom or Facetime. Have a look through your bookshelf and find a cookbook and recipe to share with your friends. You can then cook the same meal (or different meals) online and eat together when you’ve finished cooking.

It’s not going to feel the same as being in person, but it’ll give you an excellent opportunity to connect with friends while enjoying a delicious meal at the same time and improve your cooking skills. If it’s a hit, you can make it a weekly activity.

It’s hard when the only option you have is to catch up with some friends (especially those who live overseas) online, but sometimes you have to get a little creative. Finding a way to stay connected is important to remaining socially connected. If you’re interested in meeting new friends and joining (or starting) an online book club to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for reading, download Carry A Book today.

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