New-Age Book Clubs Go Digital

New-Age Book Clubs Go Digital | Online Book Clubs | Carry A Book App

With the evolution of technology and the rise of social networking, online book clubs are booming. As we have adapted to the ‘new normal’ and spent more time indoors, many of us have relied on social media to stay connected.

Covid-19 has certainly put a halt to our travel plans and meant that people have opted to read instead because after all, in the words of Jhumpa Lahiri, “[books] let you travel without moving your feet. And with more time to spare due continues lockdown laws across the world, people have been able to dedicate more time to reading. Literature has been fantastic in allowing us to disconnect and relax and has also brought people together through online reading communities. These online communities have only grown since the beginning of the pandemic, when in person book club meetups were shifted online. 

Book Clubs Go Digital

Book clubs have always been a great way of establishing a connection between book lovers. The pandemic brought about many changes to book clubs, with the introduction of online reading parties, WhatsApp groups, Zoom meetings and book exchange conversations. These digital platforms have been key to keeping book lovers connected despite the pandemic.

One example of a digital platform that has connected readers this year was established by Smriti Sant, a bookstagrammer who started “reading online parties”. She connected readers and encouraged her community to read a wider variety of books, expanding the horizons of readers who would have otherwise been confined to one book series or genre. She saw that people started to share their book reading experiences and express their identities, interests and personalities, a testament to the ability of books to spark deep and meaningful conversation.

Online forums have also provided a unique opportunity for people from different countries to join book clubs in different parts of the world, allowing them to gain a new perspective on how people are handling the pandemic. For many readers, online book clubs have been an escape and a great way of sharing their knowledge.

Book Matching App And Rise Of Virtual Interaction

With the growing use of social media apps in recent years, there has never been more ways to connect with people. However, it is sometimes difficult to forge meaningful connections and have good conversations with people who share your interests on more mainstream social media apps. This is where book matching app, Carry A Book comes into play, with its focus on building a community and a safe place where like-minded people can interact given their mutual interest in books.

Social media users in the US and Australia spend an average of 2 hours and 20 minutes per day using social media. Our time on social media has only grown amid Covid-19, with socialising with people virtually becoming one of the top drivers for social media use. The Carry A Book app is a fantastic new platform that helps you meet and make new friends who share your love of books and can have a good conversation with you over a cup of coffee. Carry A Book isn’t a dating app – it simply connects you with people who have shared interests: books.

How Books Connect Readers

When you meet people through talking about books, you can gain a deeper understanding of their personality and life experiences. Blogger of the year in 2016, Ann Morgan, describes the relationship between books and people with a powerful quote:

“Stories have this tendency to bring out the best in us and forge links between individuals who might otherwise appear to have little in common”

So why is it that when we have a discussion over books, we can have a lasting impression on others? Research by David Comer Kidd and Emanuele Castano at the New School for Social Research has shown that those who read have a greater ability to gauge human emotions and have a higher level of empathy. That’s why on the Carry A Book App, there are more opportunities to meet genuine, down to earth people that share your interests.

Reading books is also beneficial in so many aspects of life, whether you’re looking to build your communication skills, initiate deep conversations and understand people on a deeper level since every book you read is a story of someone’s unique life experiences.

When we read, we allow our differences and commonalities to explore unknown territories. Reading allows us to understand ourselves on a deeper level and be more familiar with the reasons why we do things in a particular way and what is most important to us.

A book is more than just words on pages. A love of reading, where you feel a deep connection with the characters and feel as though you are exploring their lives is an experience shared amongst book lovers. What is better than interacting with people who have the same mindset as you do and understand the value of reading? With the Carry A Book app, reading becomes more than just a way to relax and unwind but acts as the foundation of incredible conversation with people on the same wavelength as you – exactly what we need right now in this time of uncertainty and social distancing.