Must Read: Self Care Books

Must Read: Self Care Books

Whilst we get comfortable with lockdown and isolation, spending more time alone with oneself and own thoughts can be daunting, but have no fear we have the answer! Spend some time learning how to put yourself first by reading a self-care book or two or ten. In the recent times of isolation, many of us have either turned to Netflix, books, or started and maybe not finished new projects all to entertain us and pass the time, but as lockdown lingers on, peoples mental health is dwindling. If you are feeling a bit lost and looking for some inspiration why not turn to your trusty old friend, literature.

Self-care books often get dismissed by the naysayers who are sceptical on their effectiveness, however, for people who are more open minded, but sometimes get lost and need some guidance there are self-care books. The self-improvement industry is booming with a worth of around $800 million and seen a 6% growth, there’s no denying that people are turning to this industry to make themselves better.

In terms of self-care there are plenty of reasons why you should try this genre for something new, let’s, take a glance at some of the benefits of self-care books:


  1. Helps your mental health and wellbeing

By allowing you to slow down and take a step back in what is usually a faced paced environment, self-care books allow you to stop and look at yourself from the inside out. By looking after one’s self and prioritising our needs we can take better care of our mental health, these types of books look at how to put your needs as number one instead of everyone else. They can also help us to find purpose in the simple things, to take a step back and enjoy life, not just speed through it, or let it pass us bye. By taking more time to notice the simple things we can enjoy life for what it is instead of mounting our lives on expectations.


  1. Helps to teach you

We turn to self-care books because we are looking for guidance and help. Depending on what you are searching for whether it be for assistance to find happiness or how to break a habit, you are learning. These types of books can also teach you how to appreciate the world around you, and to stop and smell the roses.


  1. Helps to guide you

Self-care books are like the little black book of guidance, which allow us to rethink our processes by planning less and living in the moment more. They give you direction to help you achieve your goals and put you on the path of where you want to be.

There are so many different types of genres that self-care books can assist you with, whether you are trying to understand how to put yourself first, or learning how to declutter your life, whatever it is your looking to achieve you will find a book for it and once you do, start a book club and discuss how the book has helped you.