Why companionship is the new friend-zone


‘Friend-zone’, a term by Joey Tribianni in the sitcom, ‘Friends’ has been used in so many different contexts everyday. Let’s face it; nobody wants to be in the ‘friend-zone’ with someone they might have an emotional connection for. This can sometimes be confusing to figure out and we all know feelings can be hard to read, right?

For anyone still unsure, the term ‘friend-zone’ refers to a friendship that exists between two individuals, where one typically has an unreciprocated romantic interest in the other. In a general context, men and women have a different understanding of this term and use it in different ways. It is seemingly becoming more apparent that companionship has become the new friend-zone and here’s the reason why:

Some people believe that men use the term ‘friend-zone’ as a coping mechanism in cases where feelings were not reciprocated. Companionship, which is defined as a feeling of deep fellowship or friendship with another, has become a more important value in relationships today, with partners being each others best companion. Having a companion with different values is important in keeping friendships fun and growing. As companions and friends, people are able to focus solely on growing themselves as a person and their personal values. For the most part, companions and friends are people who make you feel good to be around them and good about yourself when you are around them. 

Put in other words, this ‘friend-zone’ everyone is talking about is just another way to make yourself feel better if your feelings were not corresponded to, as you wished. When you get to know someone, there are ultimately two outcomes for the relationship; an emotional relationship based on love or platonic friendship. Getting from one point to the other comes with its challenges and this is where it is easy to throw the term ‘friend-zone’ around. Being in the ‘friend-zone’ allows individuals to come up and accept excuses of their shortcomings and does not influence positive behaviour changes. Knowing exactly what your intentions are puts you one step ahead! 

In reality, all relationships require effort and work to maintain. Men and women tend to have contrasting opinions on what the ‘friend-zone’ is. Companionship is easily the most sought after trait that individuals look for in a partner, as they relate to each other on a deep, understanding level. Companionship provides the perfect balance between relationships and friendships and has become the new ‘friend-zone’.