How To Start Your Own Book Club

Carryabook App | How to start your own book club

Starting a book club can offer a great solution for getting outside your comfort zone and connecting with like-minded individuals. Book clubs allow people to come together as part of a community, driving healthy discussions on a range of different topics. More than just a book club, apps such as ​Carryabook offer a sense of community in which users can share, educate and respectfully challenge one another on a range of topics both online and offline.

Starting a book club ultimately comes down to finding people who have a shared interest and making sure everyone feels included. To find the easiest ways to start your own book club with friends, either online or offline have a look at our ‘Four Step’ Approach below.

Find your first members

When you first set out finding members for your book club don’t overthink it. Look for members in places that feel most natural to you. Whether this is through word of mouth or through a more digitally friendly approach either can work. Start by reaching out to your existing ​friends or co-workers who you know love to read. Be sure to reach out to a diverse array of ages, genders and ethnicities so your book club brings varied world views to discussions.

Lay down some guidelines

Before you set out on exploring your first novel together as a group be sure to set some group guidelines. You want to be sure you’re all on the same page, so it’s worth taking the time to discuss what it is you want to get out of your book club. Doing so will ensure any possible tensions are minimised before your first official meeting.

Choose your first book

While this may seem like the trickiest part, in order to make this decision more seamless consider a few key factors. Often books that work well are the ones that allow greater ​self-reflection​. Consider this, if you’re reading a novel that has a lot of great entry points that get you thinking about yourself, then you likely have a good setting in which you can create discussion.

When and how to meet up

How often you discuss your book findings depends on a range of factors such as how long it takes members to finish a book or what their prior commitments may be. If you’re unable to meet in person to discuss your latest pick, connecting digitally is always an option. Any book club ​community can coexist on social media through a range of simple and accessible platforms such as Facebook groups or even video chat services like skype that allow multi-user calls.

Starting a book club is not only a great opportunity to read the books you love but also it keeps members accountable and provides a reminder to relax and engage in something that takes your mind off those everyday stressors. Start your book club today and ​connect ​with like-minded book lovers, who share your passion for reading.