How to Find the Perfect Book to Read

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With the amount of striking book covers out there, all competing for your attention, it’s no wonder that selecting the right story can feel like an overwhelming process. Whether you’re searching on the internet, or walking through your favourite bookstore, we’ve found some simple ways to help you find the perfect book to read and make your book search a little bit more fun and rewarding.

Review Nobel Prize Winners

There’re a wide range of varied, and extremely talented authors who have won the Nobel Prize for Literature. You can take a quick look at the official list of prestigious Nobel Prize winners, which might help you match with an author whose work aligns with your current literary tastes. It’s easy to get a quick snapshot of each nominated book and author, as the official Nobel Prize website provides a meaningful quote, which describes the specific reasons each author was awarded the prize. Selecting a book, which was written by an esteemed Nobel Prize winner will guarantee that you’re reading a book that has been carefully reviewed and commended at the highest level.

Head for the Classics

While you might initially yawn thinking about classic literature and think they’re old and boring, remember they are ‘classics’ for a reason and have stood the test of time. The classic books of history also make up part of the humanity’s psyche and therefore mark our evolution as a species, providing snapshots into our lives over hundreds of years. If you’re looking to get reacquainted with the Orwellian dystopia of 1984, or witty romances like Pride and Prejudice, you can find an age-old classic that is bound to spark your interest.

Join an Online Book Club

If you’re stumped for good book ideas and want to choose the perfect book to read, it can be useful to start talking with others on mobile apps like the Carry A Book app where you can ask fellow bookworms for their recommendations. Become part of a wonderful online book community to find the best book suggestions, discuss your favourite authors and meet new friends.

Go to your Local Bookstore

Both commercial and small, independent bookstores will always employ staff who are extremely well read and interested in a variety of book genes. You can talk with experienced staff about a wide range of books and determine the next perfect book to match your interests. Have a chat to your local bookseller to get an idea of genres, and specific plotlines that will help expand your mind. 

Attend Book Events

There will likely be many book launches in your local area as well as upcoming national book fairs (as long as the pandemic doesn’t get in the way). Attending local book launches can also give you the opportunity to meet with lesser-known authors and provides you with the exciting opportunity to discuss their work directly. During these unpredictable COVID times, you can reach out to online book launces and attend these from the comfort of your own bedroom.

Follow a Bookstagram

Bookstagram has become a frequently searched hashtag on social media giant Instagram. While there are lots to sort from online, following a popular bookstagramer will help give you lots of ideas on what to read, as they provide book reviews and discussions which are often easy to digest quickly.

Seek out Inspirational Readers

We all influence each other to some degree. If you have a favourite author or someone successful who you find inspirational, it can be very useful to do your research and find out what some of their favourite books are. Chances are you might really enjoy what these people have read as well!

Consider your Favourite Genres

While genre isn’t everything it’s a very good place to start in terms of finding a suitable book. We all have specific book genres that we lean towards, based on our personal interests. Whether you enjoy reading science fiction or romance: if you’re unsure of what to read, it’s useful to consider what have been some of your favourite books of all time, and the genres they fall into.

Ask Friends and Family

Have a chat directly to your friends and family about books and authors that have stood out to them the most. You will already have a very good understanding of the personalities of those closest to you, therefore having a good chat with those nearest and dearest will give you a strong impression as to whether these same books will resonate with you too.

We have all picked up a book at some point because we liked the cover… if you find a book cover visually appealing, there’s some probability that the content might interest you. This isn’t always the case though. To find the perfect book to read next, spend a few minutes reading the first page and the synopsis on the back, to ensure the book is right. By undertaking some of these simple tips when looking for the perfect book to read next, you’re sure to find a book that matches your interests and one that you want to keep reading to find out what happens next.