How Online Book Clubs Can Help Find You The Perfect Companion


We live in a world predominantly run by technology where we use phones and social media every day to entertain our lives and talk with friends. There are many apps and online platforms to meet someone new, but how often do these platforms actually work to you find us the ‘perfect’ companion?

Joining an online book club could be an ingenious way to finding your soulmate – connecting with someone who shares the same interests as you.

As the pandemic continues to change how we connect with people and meet new friends, it’s never been more challenging to find the perfect companion. So here is how online book clubs can help.

Meet Book Lovers With Shared Interests

Online book clubs have a unique sense of belonging, allowing members to put forward book recommendations, thoughts, and opinions on popular books while reading together and discussing each chapter. 

By joining an online book club that talks about your favourite books and interests, you are more likely to meet another like-minded individual who shares a similar outlook on life as you. Bookstore owners commonly say that if you enjoy reading and talking about books, you will benefit from joining a club, and it’s true – with changes over the last two years, there has been a massive increase in readers joining and starting an online book club to socialise.

Connect with People Around the World 

Joining or creating an online book club gives you a platform to connect with various book lovers – worldwide. You can meet the perfect companion by learning about each other and your different cultures, languages, food, authors, and popular books in their country.

Online book clubs and apps that facilitate book discussions like Carry A Book allow you to connect with readers across the globe, share your after-reading pointers, and most importantly, discuss your thoughts on the book you’re reading no matter the location. By connecting with individuals in a different country, you can have engaging conversations, discover new books, and eventually find a perfect companion and visit them one day.

The Power of Technology

Although you might like catching up at face-to-face book clubs, you can still do this with your online book club. Regular meetings can be held online at a particular time each week, making it easier for you to attend wherever you might be. Online book clubs don’t have to be limited to technology as you can arrange monthly or fortnightly catch-ups at a local bookshop cafe. Technology gives you the power to connect and discuss your books anytime and anywhere, while in the comfort of your own home or at a holiday resort. Joining an online book club to share your thoughts with your perfect companion has never been easier with engaging and innovative apps like Carry A Book

Whether you discuss a book with people from around the world or the next suburb across, online book clubs help you explore books like never before, while also finding life-long companions. Although it is said that a, ‘good book is a perfect companion to spend time with’, we think it’s equally as exciting to share your book and discuss it with other like-minded readers.

Find the perfect reading companion by joining an online book club and connecting with individuals on Carry A Book. Through shared interests, book genres, and authors, match with other individuals near you and stay connected during these difficult times, all from the comfort of your bedroom.