How Books Have Come Back into Fashion?

How books have come back into fashion

I’m sure we can all agree that there is no better feeling than finishing a book. The accomplishment of turning over the last page, the satisfaction of having all your many questions answered and the rush of excitement as you begin to brainstorm which book you will be starting next!

Books have been an incredibly important part of life since they were first invented and with the wide range that have been written over centuries, there truly is a book out there for everyone. Informing, inspiring, educating and entertaining are just a few of the many purposes that books can serve for a reader, giving people the opportunity to better themselves, or simply providing an escape from everyday life.

Due to the lockdown orders that have recently been faced, individuals have been provided with more free time than usual. With some uncertainty around the future, self-care has become a top priority, with reading being a great way to find relaxation and a sense of distraction from the unprecedented times. According to research, the boredom created from being stuck at home has increased time spent with books by double! Delving into a book has seemed to be the perfect way for people to explore passions they previously did not have time for and broaden knowledge on topics relating to their field of work, interests, world events and even personal development.

Although the current situation in the world has contributed to books coming  back into fashion, the return of the extremely popular 90’s segment, Oprah’s Book Club in 2019 suggests that books may have already been making a comeback. Previously a segment on the Oprah Winfrey Show, it encouraged Americans to read more and labelled Oprah the ‘queen’ of celebrity book clubs. Discontinued in 2010, 9 years later has been reintroduced on Apple TV.

With access to online platforms such as this and the increased use of social media platforms like Instagram, there are now many ways for people to share book recommendations with their followers. Another current trend that can be seen on social media is a book exchange, which involves friends, family, followers all buying a book and sending it to a fellow member of the exchange. Whilst this is not a new concept, social media allows for a very straightforward way of organising such an exchange, where users can make a post or story and people can reply if they are interested.

The recent increase in number of book lovers around the world is extremely exciting to see. Not only are people finding ways to broaden their individual knowledge and book library, but it creates great topic conversation that can be had with friends and family. Discussing a book over a coffee is the perfect way to connect with friends and even lead to making new friends that you may not have otherwise met! The Carry a Book App is a great platform to do just this, allowing bookworms with similar interests to chat and share their favourite book recommendations! Download via the App Store.