Happily, Ever After

Happily Ever After

Reading a romance novel is like having an amazing dream that you never want to wake up from. It gets you giddy and all warm and fuzzy inside, making you hopeful that one day you can have a timeless love story that goes down in history. That you may meet your Romeo or Juliet and fill that little void that’s been missing in your life or find your perfect partner that balances you out. Romance novels can take us on a journey into a realm that only seems possible in romcom movies. There’s not greater feeling then switching off your devices and divulging deeply into a novel.

If you are looking for the romantic escape, we have curated a list of the novels that have made our hearts skip a beat:

A Timeless Classic

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is arguably one of the most romantic novels of all time. Whether if your first time or 100th time reading this classic it is definitely a must read!

Elizabeth Bennet faces mounting pressure to marry as the eldest daughter in her family. She meets Mr Darcy a friend of Mr Bingley, whom Elizabeth is growing close to.  When Mr Darcy rejects her at a local dance, Elizabeth begins her coldness and wit towards him. However, over time they start to spend more time together and the question starts to become prevalent, will Mr Darcy and Elizabeth overcome their pride and prejudices and fall in love or will their ego’s get the better of them?

The Love Story We All Want

Nicholas Sparks ‘The Notebook’ is the type of love story you wish was your love story that you could one day tell your grandchildren. It’s a story of enduring love between Allie and Noah. They meet as teenagers and instantly fall in love only to be separated by Allie’s classist parents. Eventually they meet again later in life, however, their lives are on different paths. Is the spark that was once there as teenagers ready to rekindle or was it a love of the past?

When You Love to Hate

‘The Hating Game’ by Sally Thorne doesn’t start how you expect a love story to begin, with Lucy and Joshua both hating each other at work. Constantly in competition with each other, Lucy is bubbly and friendly, and Joshua is careful and distant, after an encounter in the lift, Lucy starts to wonder if she has always hated him or loved him and is the feeling mutual?

An Unlikely Match

Graeme Simsion’s ‘The Rosie Project’ follows Don Tillman, a genetics professor that doesn’t quite have the gift of the gab with the ladies and is generally seen as more awkward and unapproachable.  Don decides that he is looking for love, more particularly a wife. He then embarks on a journey called the wife project, which is a 16- page scientific questionnaire which asses the suitability of female partners, then he meets Rosie, someone who doesn’t fit the survey but seems to fit him. Do they find love in spite of his preservations and strong scientific beliefs or do his strong beliefs in science get the better of his judgement?

With a Little Help From Destiny

Justine and Nick are childhood sweethearts who bump into each other as adults. Nick is an astrology believer and Justine is a sceptic, who is determined to make Nick fall in love with her. Justine works at the paper which writes the horoscopes which guide Nick in life, and when it doesn’t look like Nick is going to fall in love with Justine, she decides to take matter into her own hands. One thing she doesn’t take into account is the rippling effect of her decisions and how many people read the astrology section.

When the Universe Brings Strangers Together

‘The Sun Is Also A Star’ by Nicola Yoon is a young adult turned feature film hit! When Natasha and Daniel meet on a crowded street in New York City, they never thought they would fall in love, but they do instantly. Natasha is a realist, until she meets Daniel, and Daniel is a people pleaser always meeting people’s expectations, never dreaming. However, this love has is challenges with Natasha’s family facing deportation in 12 hours. Did the universe bring them together only to tear them apart or is this the making of a love story?

If you’re a romance aficionado or just love a good love story why don’t you stay connected with others and  start your own book club, where you can share and discuss your thoughts and ideas of these novels.