From reading under the Doona to Zoom coffee dates

carry a book

Reading books has always been beneficial in many ways. It is a practice adapted by people from all walks of life which builds a person’s personality and skills,

providing with a deeper understanding of every literary text you read. Love for reading comes naturally, where you understand and experience the lives of the characters of the book you read and associate yourself with it. 

Looking through the lens of our previous normal lives, we have all experienced it all. From reading on your bed under the doona to going to book clubs meeting people with similar taste in books. But now, in the era of social distancing and quarantine how are we supposed to find our reading companions?

In light of the pandemic we have got more time at home, hence more time for reading. 

Only if it was this simple!

Many of the book lovers love to read, participate, and enjoy the discussion that entails after finishing a book with people. Lively chats with like-minded people, interpreting the book can develop a new perception of the book for you to think upon. 

If this was something you liked to do and now you can’t do it anymore due to the restrictions. 

Well, it’s time to go virtual and get on those zoom coffee dates and online book clubs. 

During the lockdown, people came out with their digital book clubs on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Such online forums have given people an opportunity to meet book lovers across nations and join book clubs, allowing them to discuss and gain a new perspective on their latest read. These digital book clubs have also been an escape for people in the lockdown. 

Other than meeting new people, online book clubs bring across several benefits to the literary community. 

  • Good recommendations: You can get some really good recommendations for books. Where one might not be sure to learn about books through online reviews and ratings. It is always feasible to ask people with similar taste in literature for recommendations for your next read.
  • Stay updated: Your online book club mates might enlighten you know about upcoming books in your preferred genre or new authors with some exciting stories. 
  • Interact with authors: With restrictions in place, authors have adapted a new way to promote their book. Authors often join a book club meeting to talk about their upcoming book or even discuss their previous publish. 

But where do you find book lovers people like yourself? 

Carry A Book provides with an exciting solution to allow social interaction in the times of pandemic. It is an innovative initiative that allows people to connect over their love for books. The app provides a platform to like-minded people to have a next to the real book club experience. 

With the social restriction still in place, there is no better time to read and go-to online book clubs. Carry a book provides a perfect opportunity from the comfort of your own home to connect and discuss one’s literary interest.