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When thinking about romance, we think about the movies. Flowers, chocolates, candlelit dinners, walks on the beach. But what happens when you are in lockdown, the latest dating app you have been using has failed to provide you with any real prospects, and you find yourself at home on February 14, alone?

You’ve probably done to death with romantic movies and Bridgerton certainly provided the fairy-tale that you were looking for and romantic dreams of what life as a Bridgerton would be like.

But before Netflix brought us an endless supply of romance movies, we had books… and guess what? They are back in ladies (and gents). In fact, romance novels are one of the top selling genres on Amazon, and the secret to many nights and days under the covers, dreaming of Prince Charming (or the Princess you long for) has been revealed.

Here are a few of Carry A Book’s favourite romance novels to curl up and indulge in.

  1. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin

Set during the Regency Era of Great Britain, Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice follows the character development of Elizabeth Bennet as she is introduced to society as a woman. Austin’s heroine is a somewhat vivacious and opinionated women who quite frequently finds herself in verbal quarrels with her proud and arrogant beau, Mr Darcy.

Their relationship is entangled with passion, flirtation and a sense of intrigue and in a time where there is vast communal pressure to find a wealthy match, Elizabeth strives to defy the social norm and marry for love as opposed to social prestige.

2. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Following the end of the Second World War (1945), former combat nurse Claire Randall finds herself thrusted back in time after touching a stone that rests in one of the ancient circles found scattered across the British Isles. It’s the year 1743 and the fate of Scotland along with Claire’s life is threatened by rival clans and raising armies.

In order to survive, Claire must quickly adapt to the world of lairds and lasses. In her quest to reunite with her former life and husband who awaits her back in 1945, Claire is confronted with a strong desire for the dashing James Fraser and becomes torn between the two men.

  1. The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

An all-time personal favourite! This novel is set along the picturesque North Carolina coast and follows the story of Noah Calhoun as he restores a plantation to its original greatness. Haunted by the memories of a former lover and unwilling to forget the summer spent together, Sparks recounts their time together in a passionate tale where two individuals are kept apart by class and societal expectations.

Their reconciliation later in the novel provides new and unprecedented challenges due to Allie’s engagement to another man. A man of immense social status and prestige. She must choose whether to marry for love, or for security.

Will their love conquer all? Read to find out!