Dating Or Companionship? Here’s An Insight Into The Minds Of Millennials

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Swipe, like, match and chat, we know the drill. We have all dated and we have all ghosted. Here’s why the era of dating apps is coming to an end.


If you are single or have been in the past five years, here’s a high possibility that you’ve tried online dating. In this day and age, dating apps have transformed the way we meet, chat and grow connections with people. Hoping to meet ‘the one’ with a swipe on the , millennials are adapting to this unconventional way of finding love and believe it or not, this generation want to go back to the old school way of finding a companion.

According to survey money, roughly 56% of adults view dating apps and services as negative. More than half of young adults (18-24 years old) see dating apps as platforms for casual hook-ups, the term ‘meet’ carries unique interpretations across demographics.

They often describe online dating as an exhausting and a tedious process of trying to figure out if the other person is genuine or not. One in five boomers feel at the risk of loneliness in the next five years therefore they lead to dating apps to connect with people.

In another study by the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships state that regular app users end up feeling even lonelier than they did after using the app. As they enter this world of isolation, many young adults miss having friends that they could count on in times of trouble.

Jolie Smith, a 23-year-old avid book-reader talks about dating in today’s generation, “Over the past few years, I’ve been on various dating apps trying to find a meaningful relationships. When I started using these apps, it was exciting because you to match with a new person who knew nothing about you. I was able to match and chat to people in my own time and at a pace that I was comfortable with, without feeling awkward or any social pressure. As time passed, it turned into nothing more than people looking for hookups and it wasn’t something I was interested in.”

With a decline in the usage of dating apps, people are showing a keen interest in companionship apps to make a genuine connection over casual encounters.  62% of consumers feel that “you need to put in time and effort” to build any kind of relationship. Companionship apps are ready to take over this industry.

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