Christmas Presents Your Book Friends Will Love

reading gifts

With the Christmas holidays approaching fast, finding the perfect gift for your friends can certainly be a challenge, no matter how well you know them. As a fellow book lover, your immediate thought (like ours) will be to buy your friend a good read, but do you know what their favourite book genre is or what books they haven’t read?

When buying gifts, it is important to follow the line of their interests. And for those book-worm friends, gifting a traditional book may be deemed as boring. Fortunately, we have collated a list of gift ideas that will complement your friend’s reading habits, practical book-adjacent gifts that your friends will absolutely adore this festive season!

Umbrella Wall Shelf

Most readers worldwide have a traditional bookshelf somewhere in their house, but have you thought about having an umbrella wall shelf? These minimalist floating bookshelves are creative and adaptable to organise your fellow book lover’s collection of books. You can stack these L-shaped shelves above each other to create a feature wall or display of your all-time favourite reads. These eye-capturing yet straightforward bookshelves are a fantastic gift idea for anyone who has a large book collection, and it is highly unlikely they would have thought of this idea themselves.

Colwood Nightstand Book Holder

Another book-related gift idea is the Colwood nightstand book holder. With a variety of unique design options, a Colwood book holder is used to keep your book open to the page you’re reading, making it easy to pick up and read at any time! You never have to worry about losing the page you’re reading, or your bookmark is falling out, both of which all book lovers are familiar with, when you have this trendy book holder. With this gift’s aesthetic appearance, it can be used as house decor or simply as a practical place to hold the page of your current book.

Book Line Markers

When you are immersed in one of those books you just can’t put down, you often want to flip back to your favorite passage and re-read it late. Book line markers allow you to easily find passages without using paper clips and other sticky tabs that can damage the paper. If your friend likes to quote books and flip back to particular passages book line markers are the perfect gift that keeps their books in neat condition.

Coffee/Tea Mug Warmer 

If you’re anything like the Carry A Book team and often drink a warm cup of coffee or tea when reading, then this is an ideal gift for a friend (or treat yourself with this gift too). A coffee/tea mug warmer is a small 17-watt machine used to keep a beverage warm – it’s easy to take anywhere and can warm your drink in two minutes or less. The perfect solution for anyone who forgets about their beverage, and it gets cold, or if you want to keep your beverage warm while you immerse yourself into your book. This tool is particularly useful for those people that are slow drinkers (like me) yet refuse drinking anymore once the beverage cools down. But fortunately now with this mug warmer, you or a friend can peacefully drink your beverage without worrying about the temperature of it drastically decreasing.

The Husband Pillow

When reading, you want to be comfortable, and therefore you often resort to reading on the couch or in bed. As comfortable and practical this may be, it doesn’t do any favors to your posture, often leaving you with a sore neck and back. But with the gift of a Husband Pillow, that features a sturdy, supportive and comfortable foam pillow, you are able to prolong your reading sessions as you will not endure any discomfort. Of course this pillow is practical for reading in a comfortable position, but it is also multipurpose as the Husband Pillow can be used for any upright resting positions, whether you are watching TV or simply relaxing. What better gift than providing your friend with an abundance of comfort throughout their leisurely activities?!

100 Book Bucket List Poster 

If your friend is always searching for the best book recommendations or loves a challenge, they will definitely appreciate this gift – a 100-book scratch-off poster! This is a creative way to decide which book to read next as the poster is filled with 100 classic books, including Wuthering Heights, The Color Purple, to the Lord of the Rings. This poster is ideal for avid readers and is a fun way to discover new books as you use a coin to scratch off each title to reveal your next read. This will take away the stress of having to find a new book for your fellow book-lover friends, for a while!

Book Light 

Most people tend to read at night, often before bed to wind down after a busy day which is why you should consider gifting them a book light. This gift can be used daily and helps book lovers do what they like most – read! When in the dark under an unreliable light source, a book light can brighten both pages which means there is less strain on your eyes, making it easier to read and an overall better experience for them. With the health and practical benefits of a book light, your friend will be sure to love this gift!

There you have it, our list of the best gifts this festive season for fellow book lovers, that aren’t books and cater to various ages. Our list can fit every budget and includes fun, unique, small, and large gift ideas that you otherwise might not have thought of. If you know your friend is fond of reading, and present them with one of these gift ideas, they will be sure to appreciate it as they are thoughtful and practical gifts!