Carry A Book has Just Launched a New Chapter

Carry-A-Book-has-Just-Launched-a-New-Chapter has just launched. It’s a new online social networking built around bringing people together over a shared love of books

In recent years, apps have quickly become one of the most popular methods of meeting people and making connections. applies the ease and useability of an app with reading interests, to help you find like-minded people. Your Carry A Book connection present the opportunity to talk about your favourite books and authors and develop friendships. works by connecting you with a group people that you can match with, based on your reading interests. The app doesn’t focus on romantic interaction. The people you connect with can become friends and this alleviates some perceived pressure associated with dating apps. No obligation of this nature means no hesitation and no inhibition as a result. Of course, that’s not to say you won’t find a special someone on– if you do, we strongly encourage it. We believe that reading is one of the greatest common interest to create a foundation of friendship upon. is unlike any other social networking app. Made specifically for bookworms, it lets you connect with people remotely, from wherever you might be to wherever they are. Anyone who has a friend who shares their enjoyment of reading knows what a powerful common interest it is in a friendship. opens up the possibilities of who you might connect with over reading.

Because there is no romantic obligation, there is no fear of rejection within We want to help people develop friendships over their shared interests. The nature of the app promotes literary, philosophical and intellectual discourse. Discussions with your new connections can expose you to new interpretations and ideas you had never considered about some of your favourite reads and authors.

The community is quickly growing, and our members continue to form new bonds. To see our vision becoming fulfilled is amazing, but there are many, many more connections we’re still aiming to create. Connect with book loving companions by  downloading the app in App Store.