Career Ideas For People Who Love Reading

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Do you love reading books? Why not find a job that reflects your passion for reading?

Your dream job doesn’t have to be a fantasy as there are many career opportunities out there for book lovers. If you’re dedicated to reading and can transfer skills like analytical thinking, attention to grammar and write in a certain tone of voice, then there are plenty of opportunities for you involving literature.

Whether your idea of a good job is hanging out in a bookstore or writing stories, these job suggestions can help you determine a new career path to reflect your passion for reading.

Book Critic

Behind every book review is a critic who shares their opinion on the book. Book critics spend their days reading, analysing, and reviewing literature. You can work for a company or be a freelancer that communicates your opinions on television, magazines, websites, radio, or books. As this is an enjoyable job, it can be highly competitive and general paths into this career involve studying for a bachelor’s degree in English and journalism.

Average base salary in Australia: $45,671 (1-3 years of experience), $61,483 (general average).

English Teacher 

Working as an English teacher isn’t always easy but is undoubtedly rewarding. A general day includes planning course material and activities, assessing student progress and improving their reading and writing skills and executing classroom activities.

English teachers require a bachelor’s degree in education and employment at private or public primary and secondary schools, tertiary institutions, adult education centres, or voluntary organisations. Being an English teacher is a great way to nurture your love of reading and share it with others.

Average base salary in Australia: $73,703 (1-3 years of experience), $103,923 (general average).

Literary Agent 

A literary agent represents creative artists, authors, script editors, illustrators, journalists and more. 

In this profession, agents work with best-selling authors to find opportunities for their latest books, negotiate sales, manage contracts, book publications and contacts. A literary agent usually receives around 10% to 15% of the writer’s income from royalties of their work.

Average base salary in Australia: $67,783 (1-3 years of experience), $94,490 (general average).

Content Editor

A content editor’s main role is to read and correct communication collateral such as books, newspapers, poetry, newsletters, brochures through to annual reports and website. A diverse career for those who love reading as you can work for a wide variety of businesses or publication organisations and collaborate with marketing and graphic design teams.

To be a successful content editor, you must be competent in writing, editing, time management, and interpersonal skills. To become a content editor, you’re required to complete your Senior Secondary Certificate of Education and a VET or bachelor’s degree in professional writing, journalism, communications, or a related field.

Average base salary in Australia: $60,401 (1-3 years of experience), $83,487 (general average).

Book Publicist

Working in a bookstore might be your dream career if you love to read. A book publicist gets involved in the process after the book goes to print and before it’s published to get positive press coverage. Tasks include getting book reviews and nominations for awards, setting up virtual book tours and scheduling book talks.

This career is perfect if you like to read, have strong writing skills, have an outgoing personality, enjoy networking and have the ability to work with all kinds of authors.

Average base salary in Australia: $61,919 (1-3 years of experience), $85,706 (general average).


If you like reading and writing, working as a journalist may be your ideal career. Journalists write, edit and present news stories, articles, and commentaries for magazines, newspapers, radio, and online publications. General duties include researching, pitching ideas for articles, investigating and reporting on events, and producing content for various platforms.

Journalists require strong reading and writing capabilities, good time management, interpersonal skills, and a strong work ethic. These days, many journalists are freelancers, so it can be an excellent job if you’re looking for something that offers flexibility and variety.

Average base salary in Australia: $92,055 (1-3 years of experience), $130,363 (general average).

Literary Translator 

For those with a couple of languages under their belt, a translator is a great career choice. Translators convert written material from one language into another. You’ll need to have a good command of at least two languages and great spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

General responsibilities include reading through original material and rewriting it in the target’s language, using translation memory software, specialist dictionaries to find the closest equivalents for terminology and words, proofreading and editing, and consulting with experts in specialist areas. To become a translator, you’ll be required to have a degree in translation or complete a language or English degree that specialises in linguistics.

Average base salary in Australia: $39,203 (1-3 years of experience), $49,556 (general average).

Professional Blogger

If you enjoy writing blogs and discussing particular topics, then becoming a professional blogger might be the career for you. As a blogger, you can write content blogs for a company or make money by writing blogs that generate revenue from online courses, coaching, advertising or content subscriptions.

To become a full-time professional blogger, you’re required to have in-depth knowledge of online marketing tools and strong reading and writing skills.

Average base salary in Australia: $43,000 (1-3 years of experience), $40,281 (general average).

These career ideas can turn your desire for reading into a lifelong career. Whether you’re looking to work for a publishing company or as a freelancer, there are plenty of exciting career options for you to explore. Having a career that reflects your love for reading allows you to enjoy your job and turn your passion for reading into an income. There are more career opportunities out there for book lovers, some require further studies while others require specific skills. Building your career around what you love can also be a platform to showcase your skillset and ambitions. We hope these job ideas have sparked some motivation and inspiration to start a new career.