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While we spent most of the year in lockdown, many of used this time as an opportunity to expand our cooking repertoire. As we exhausted food deliver apps such as Uber Eats and Deliveroo, cookbooks become an in-demand bookshelf staple for many households. For all our book lovers who are also foodies, here’s a list of books you can read… and taste: 

Persiana by Sabrina Ghayour

An oldie but a classic! This is a great cookbook if you want an introduction into exotic spices and flavours. Sabrina’s meals are the ones I turn to when I want to impress guests or am looking for a little middle eastern flare instead of modern fusion cuisine. The best thing about her cooking style is that it is really simple yet so flavoursome and has everyone licking their fingers and wanting more!

Plenty by Yottam Ottolengi

Also, another classic you can’t miss, you’ve probably seen it around or in some of your friends who like to cook bookshelves, but this one is great for your meat free Monday nights or if you’re looking for some great sides to add to your meat meals.  

It can be hard trying to cook up different hearty vegetarian meals on the regular, however, Ottolengi knows how to do this best! His recipes are a compilation of his column ‘The New Vegetarian’ in the Guardian’s weekend magazine and boy do they not disappoint.

Jamie Cooks Italy- Jamie Oliver

Just because you can’t travel to Italy, doesn’t mean you can’t bring it to your dining table. Join Jaime on his travels around Italy where he meets various Nonna’s to learn their authentic culinary techniques and recipes. His pasta, pizza and bread options from scratch are surprisingly easy and attainable for any novice cook, you just have to have a little confidence.

Where cooking begins: Uncomplicated Recipes to Make You A Good Cook- Carla Lalli Music

Just as the title states this book is making a chef out of any novice cook. Carla consistently offers up endless ingredient swaps, so you don’t have to search multiple supermarkets looking for unknown foreign ingredients. Her no fuss, simple approach is to invite and make cooks feel more comfortable in the kitchen and deliver delicious meals.

Momofuku- David Chang, Peter Meehan

This isn’t for the novice chef but more an intermediate guide to making tasting fusion food. You can expect flavours from Korean, Asia and western cuisine, that’s packed with creative recipes from the New York cult favourite restaurateur David Chang. If you’re looking to step outside the box bring some of Asians finest flavours into the kitchen, this is the perfect book.

My Bread- Jim Lahey

Looking to join the lockdown craze and bake some bread or maybe it’s been a skill you’ve always wanted to acquire but never had the time, well this book is a great place to start! Jim Lahey’s no fuss approach involves minimal kneading time, no sourdough starters and minimal equipment making it perfect for any beginners.

Beatrix Bakes- Natalie Paul

We had to end this on a sweet note, everybody loves a cheeky dessert! Harrowing from her successful bakery in Melbourne, Natalie has cultivated her best and tastiest recipes in one book. This book requires a mixture of skills from beginner to advance but the final result from these recipes does not disappoint, the only thing you may be disappointed with is your lack of self-control.

So, if you are looking to add some flavour to your meals and cook something different, these options are the perfect answer.

Happy reading and happy cooking!