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Who Reads Books?

Who Reads Books

Any avid reader can tell you that books help to develop your thoughts, teach new lessons and provide you with novel and interesting knowledge, all the while keeping your mind active and engaged. Some read for self-improvement, others to become more open-minded and some, just to relax and unwind. Books fulfil a plethora of purposes […]

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The Story of Easter: Top 10 Books to Read Over Easter

The Story of Easter

Easter 2020, hopefully the first and last quarantine Easter. With many Australians practising isolation with less things to do, why not bury your nose in something more thought-provoking. Here are 10 book suggestions intended to open you mind to the fundamentals of the Easter holiday, investigating why we celebrate, the history behind the millennia old […]

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Carry A Book has Just Launched a New Chapter

Carry-A-Book-has-Just-Launched-a-New-Chapter has just launched. It’s a new online social networking built around bringing people together over a shared love of books In recent years, apps have quickly become one of the most popular methods of meeting people and making connections. applies the ease and useability of an app with reading interests, to help you […]

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