Best Thrillers and Mystery Releases Of 2022 So Far

It’s past midnight and you can’t seem to put your book down until you get to the bottom of what’s happening to the main character. If that’s the kind of book you enjoy reading, then we’ve got just what you need – a list of the best thriller and mystery book of 2022 so far that will keep you up all night.

The Thriller genre has a way of clawing on our heartstrings with the constant suspense and sometimes eerie plotlines. But as readers we love delving deep into mysteries that help us escape reality.

Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a journey full of mysterious characters and thrilling tales.

The Night Shift by Alex Finlay

From the very first page to the end, this riveting thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat. Remember the nervousness and thrill in the air on New Year’s Eve of Y2K? Well, the book begins on that day in New Jersey, when a group of teens are brutally murdered at a blockbuster video store.

A suspect identified skips bail and vanishes, leaving the case open and unsolved. Shocking right? 15 years later, a similar tragedy occurs only this time at an ice cream shop. Has the original killer made an appearance in the city again and is it someone new? 

The aftermath of the latest crime intersects the lives of three characters, the lone survivor of the blockbuster incident who is forced to relive the trauma again, an FBI agent who delves into the secrets of both nights to uncover the dark truth about the murders, and the brother of the fugitive accused, who is convinced that the police have identified the wrong suspect.

Indulge in Finlay’s newest thriller of the 90’s nostalgia, a gripping plot and compelling characters whose intertwining fates and secrets tie the whole story together giving you an enjoyable reading experience as you race to the finish.

The Woman In The Library by Sulari Gentill

If the idea of reading a clever mystery excites you, then ‘The Woman in The Library’, is what you should add to your TBR list. This addictive, high-tension, unique thriller is about a Bostonian named Leo, writing to an Australian author, Hannah Tigone. Leo is a huge fan of Hannah’s work and has been unsuccessful in getting his book published.

Hannah decides to set her next mystery novel based on Leo’s description of the Boston Public Library. The recent wave of pandemic travel border restrictions renders Hannah from visiting Boston to complete her research for the book. Leo volunteers to help Hannah out, but the suggestions, comments and plot that he narrates to Hannah become increasingly bizarre by the day.

Alternating chapters unfold the mysteries hidden while introducing interesting characters along the way. With a gripping plot and a pleasant surprise, this book will keep you completely absorbed and enthralled to the very end.

The Book of Cold Cases by Simone St. James

Meet Shea Collins, a 29-year-old receptionist by day and true-crime blogger by night. Her blog, The Book of Cold Cases, is her escape from a haunting traumatic past. Shea loves her blog, considers it her passion and is always seen busy with it. Until one fine day, Beth Greer, a 62-year-old wealthy lady wishes to meet Shea at Beth’s mansion. Beth’s lived the last 40 years isolated in her mansion. She was charged as the woman behind the Lady Killer Murders and was acquitted. So, what exactly does she want from Shea?

Considering her harmless, Shea visits Beth at her mansion only to discover findings that shock her to her very core. The sound of footsteps above, sink faucets turning on their own, glimpses of a girl at the front door – what is happening and how dangerous is this mansion?

This book is full of horror and Simone St. James has done a phenomenal job of describing some disturbing scenes that almost make you feel like you’re in the mansion with Shea and Beth. If that’s the kind of spooky you like, then clear out your calendar and pick up this book to enjoy the ride.

The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley

With fewer characters to keep track of, The Paris Apartment is a whodunit mystery story about Jess who needs a fresh start and moves from England to Paris. Her half-brother Ben doesn’t sound excited when he hears that Jess would crash at his place for a while.

However, he agrees to the arrangement and when Jess arrives, she wonders how her half-brother could afford such a nice place and strangely begins to realise he’s gone missing.

The longer Ben stays missing, the more Jess gets worried and starts digging around for information. From meeting his neighbours to his friends, Jess identifies them all as suspects with a growing certainty that there’s something they’re not telling her. 

Will Jess ever find Ben and get answers to what’s going on? Will she ever get the fresh start she wanted? The Paris Apartment provides entertainment and can get you feeling Jess’s uneasiness as you flip through the pages of the book.

 I’ll Be You by Janelle Brown

A gripping tale about two identical twin sisters who are so good at pretending to be each other that they can even fool their parents. Sam and Elli, are former child actors who were inseparable until their teen years. Now as adults, Elli is a single mother of a toddler while Sam is a makeup artist who has come clean from rehab.

One fine day, Sam gets a call from her father who requests that she babysits Elli’s toddler until Elli returns from her spa trip. Sam struggles with the idea and the toddler at first, but as days pass with no contact from her sister, she begins to suspect something is terribly wrong.

The story is told from both the sisters’ points of view with a delicate yet twisty plot. The book reflects on the warmth of sisterhood, and excellent character sketches with a mystery to unfold. What’s not to love?

Nine Lives by Peter Swanson

Imagine this: nine people receive a list of nine unknown names, including theirs, in the mail. No other information, just the list and the names. What does one do with the mail? Thinking it’s a prank mail or just spam, they ignore it. But then, one person from the list gets murdered followed by the second one. Now suddenly, it’s news that this may not just be spam, but a plot played – a ghastly, disturbing one.

One of the names on the list is of an FBI agent, Jessica Winslow, who begins to investigate diligently to find how these names are all connected and who is the serial killer behind the murders. As you read through, you get introduced to each nine characters and the mystery behind them.  The author has done a wonderful job in balancing multiple POVs throughout the story. The intriguing short chapters, make you question the motive behind the plot in a curious yet entertaining way.

Pro tip: the books open with the introduction and names of each of the nine characters, which we highly suggest making a note of. This may come in super handy as you progress through the book. Do it and thank us later.

There you go – we’ve rounded up our favourite books this year to give you an enjoyable bone-chilling read. At Carry A Book we encourage readers to connect with their kind and build a reading community. Our companionship app helps you make friendships, get new recommendations and spread the joy of reading.

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