Benefits of Reading

Benefits of Reading

Sitting down to indulge in a great novel is one of life’s greatest treasures. Reading can transport you in time, take you on a journey and teach you something new. So, can we convince you to take the time to sit back with a paperback instead of in front of the TV? Here are some helpful nudges:

Reading Increases Your Vocabulary

Reading helps you to expand your use of language and grammar because every time you read; you’re learning new words. It also helps you to understand how to use words in context and gives you a better understanding of language. The more you read, the more words you’ll be exposed to, therefore expanding your vocabulary.

Reading Improves Brain Connectivity

Studies show that reading improves brain function and strengthens connectivity in the brain. By stimulating the brain with new knowledge and using different parts of your brain, reading can even slow the progress of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. The brain is a muscle, and just like lifting weights to build your biceps, your brain needs exercise to strengthen and remain healthy, which is why reading is the best intellectual exercise.

Reading Helps To Reduce Stress

Losing yourself in a great story is a great way to forget about your stress. It allows you to put a long day behind you and get lost in a new world. The best stories can take us on a journey and help us forget about any negativity that we may be experiencing. They can help us relax and release any tension. Books don’t always have to take you on a journey to help reduce stress. You can also read self-care books that offer guidance and build emotional stability, as they have proven to improve mental health and reduce stress and anxiety. 

Reading Increases Your Intelligence

Whether you’re a history buff or romance lover, there is a genre for every interest. Non-fiction books help expand your knowledge on a range of topics- whether you want to learn about a person’s life through a biography, learn more about World War II, or understand the political climate in Iraq, you can bet that there is a book out there that will help you grow your knowledge and maybe even win Trivial Pursuit.

Reading Improves Your Memory

Reading a book can even strengthen your memory. This is because you have to keep up with plot twists, remember a multitude of characters and follow the journey of the story. Every new memory you form creates new synapses or brain pathways and even strengthens existing ones. Reading also helps to keep your memory sharp and your learning capacity nimble. So, next time you contemplate trading in a movie for a book, you might wonder whether it is truly worth it.

Reading Can Help You Sleep

Reading before falling asleep is one of the best ways to wind down for the night. It communicates to your body and your brain that it is time to rest, whereas using your smartphone before sleeping can have the opposite effect. Smartphones emit blue light, which creates melatonin, a hormone that controls your sleep-wake cycle. An increase in melatonin can lead to difficulties with falling asleep and waking up.

A little can go a long way with reading. The benefits of a few minutes dedicated to reading a book every day can be exponential and you may find that there’s nothing more satisfying than turning the last page of a novel. It can also be a great conversation starter, so why not start a book club and join the Carry A Book app to connect with like-minded bookworms?