6 Reasons To Join An Online Book Club

online book club

So much of what we do these days is now online. Over the last year and a half, our work meetings, university classes, coffee dates and trivia nights have all shifted to the digital sphere due to the pandemic.

While many of us miss face to face contact and events, there are so many benefits that come from online activities. Best of all being the ability to connect with others from all over the world within the comfort of our living room. There are many online book clubs that you can join to meet new friends and stay connected during this season of isolation. While reading is often thought to be a solitary activity, it doesn’t have to be.

Here are 6 reasons why you should join an online book club:

1. Encourages you to Read

Anyone who loves reading will tell you how engrossing it can be. However, it can be tempting to turn to Netflix instead because it requires ‘less effort’. There are so many benefits that come from reading: from improved concentration to better mental health. Book clubs require members to read and discuss books at a similar pace, ensuring you not only start a new book, but you finish it too. By joining an online book club, you are encouraged to read a book and talk about it with other book lovers.

2. Helps you Find New Books

Walking into a bookshop or your local library can be an overwhelming experience. These days we are spoilt for choice with genres, authors and numerous bestsellers, meaning it can be a nightmare to work out what to read next. This is where online book clubs can help. Through an online book club network, you can connect with others who share your love of reading, the same authors and book genres, allowing you to recommend your latest reads while finding suggestions for your next one.

3. You Can Meet New People

With COVID lockdowns around the world, it makes it hard to meeting new friends. With many of us working from home, meeting new people can be tough but online book clubs can help. Online book clubs on apps like Carry A Book, allow you to connect with other like-minded individuals and have in-depth conversations about your favourite books and topics. This is a great way to establish a sense of community and make a solitary activity into a fun social experience.

4. Book Clubs Give you a New Perspective

You’ve heard the phrase, there are two sides to every story, well with book clubs that is the case too. Authors are clever and there are often numerous readings or interpretations to the end of a book. An online book club is a great way to gain an in-depth analysis into your favourite books. You’re able to pick a book and then discuss alternative endings and themes within it. This can help you gain so much more from reading than ever before.

5. Improves you Writing Skills

Whether you’re a writer or simply need to write a university assignment, reading is a great way to advance your content skills. Diving into a good book subconsciously helps to improve the standard of your own work and develop better grammar and punctuation. Online book clubs can teach you why others enjoy reading and provide you with insight into constructing themes, settings, characters and plots within a book.

6. Book Cubs are Fun!

The pandemic has made it hard for everyone to connect and catch up with family and friends. A book club can be a fun way to take a break from the madness while staying safe within your house. What better way to have fun and unwind each day than by grabbing a hot cuppa or a glass of wine and sharing your favourite books with others across the globe? Whether you’re connecting with long-distance friends or looking to make new ones, there are so many benefits that online book clubs have on our mental health and wellbeing.

Online book clubs encourage people to read together and have fun while being stuck at home during the pandemic. If you are looking to join an online book club, or thinking of starting your very own book club, Carry A Book app is a great place to start. Download today and join an online book club!