5 Reasons We're Looking Forward to 'The No-Show' by Beth O'Leary

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Have you ever been stood up? Being left alone, waiting at a restaurant, cafe or movie has to be on our list of top five worst feelings in the world. Now imagine being stood up and finding out the person you like is also seeing other people? Well this is a main character moment we never want to experience.

Romance isn’t always easy, and that’s exactly why we love it so much. Which is why we’ll be spending our time binging on romance novels till the end of time. British author Beth O’Leary is back to charm us, while pulling on our heartstrings with her much awaited release ‘The No-Show‘. The Sunday Times bestselling author is known for her quick wit, heartwarming story lines that feature ample spice to keep readers hooked. Set to hit bookshelves on April 12th, 2022, The No-Show is a promise of romance, intrigue and Beth O’Leary at her best.

Read on to know why we’re excited!

  1. The Plot

A quick tempered life coach, a tree surgeon and a charity volunteer. What could connect these three women? In The No-Show, Siobhan, Miranda and Jane who seemingly have nothing in common find that they’re involved with the same man, after being stood up on Valentines Day.

In a twist of events, all three ladies forgive him and rekindle their romances, however feelings are at an all time high for not just, but all three women. Who is this man and how will they uncover the truth about him before inevitable heartbreak? A love triangle that starts on Valentine’s Day? Sign us up!

  1. Our Favourite Genre

We’re not ashamed to admit our undying love for romance novels. You can never have enough with all the romance tropes in the world. And Beth O’Leary does romance beautifully! In her own words, “I write uplifting love stories – the sorts of books you reach for when you need a hug.

With The No-Show we’re excited for not just one, but three romance storylines that fill our hearts in unexpected ways! We’re sure as readers, we’ll find a way to relate to the author’s vision.

  1. The Setting

Like most of her books, Beth O’Leary opts for a British setting for The No-Show. Set in the fictional land of Erstead, located in a suburb of London and a little bit Dublin, will encapsulate Brit aesthetics.

We’re envisioning stunning architecture, a bright aesthetic and the feeling of love all around! If you haven’t been, Beth O’Leary’s books are an amazing portal to the City of London!

  1. For The Twist

While the blurb of the book seems like a revenge fiction, where three women team up to teach their boyfriend a lesson, the story is anything but that. We’re still reeling from the twists and turns this book has to offer (No Spoilers Here!).

Trust us when we say The No-Show will take you on a wild ride of romance and intrigue. There’s no way you’ll expect the big twist Beth O’Leary has planned for you.

  1. Worth Your Time!

Beth O’Leary is known for her fresh writing, however fan’s weren’t too impressed with her last novel, The Road Trip. Well, with The No-Show, the author has most definitely redeemed herself.

All early reviews of the book are an absolute rave of how well written the novel is, with a witty, unexpected and fresh storyline. If you were left feeling disappointed with The Road Trip, we can assure you that The No-Show is definitely worth your time!

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