5 New Ways To Choose Your Next Read

One of the most satisfying feelings in the world is finishing a book, TV show, or movie. When you reach the conclusion of a story that you are invested in, endings help you look back and appreciate the journey. But this feeling is often followed quickly by a sense of overwhelming emptiness as you look for the next story to lose yourself in. Luckily there are now many ways to find your next read. No matter what type of reader you are or what genres you enjoy, we can guarantee you will find a new favourite book if you check out our recommendations!

Carry a Book

Carry a Book is a networking app that connects people with similar interests. By enabling interaction with fellow readers, the app creates real connections between people that have overlapping interests in books.  The social features of the app allow you to discuss the books you are reading with others and form friendships along the way.

They also allow for you to reach out to others and ask for recommendations from people that have enjoyed reading the same books as you. Getting recommended a book by someone you know more personally will often bring a better result and more accurate endorsement than reading reviews from strangers online. Word of mouth has always been a powerful tool in the book world, and now that word of mouth can travel further and faster than ever thanks to apps like Carry a book.  

Carry a Book is free to download on iOS and offers premium subscriptions for those that want to unlock more content.


Inkitt is a platform that allows readers to discover books that are from lesser known and unpublished authors. It works as both a website and an app, allowing readers to discover and read new material at home or on the go. The focus on smaller or first-time authors positions Inkitt to be one of the best platforms for finding upcoming authors that you can follow for years to come.

Inkitt also works as a publisher, offering the novels available on the platform a chance to be published if they receive a lot of traffic and perform well on the site. Inkitt operates a sister app called GALATEA where they publish select authors works. This makes a great platform to have a real impact for the authors you enjoy and allows them to earn a living by writing.

Inkitt is free to use. Entire books are available without having to pay a cent.


Whichbook is a great way to search for new reads. While many tools use authors names or titles for their searches Whichbook uses themes, characters traits, moods and emotions, and more to allow a more specific search tailored to you. They offer a unique set of search criteria and pride themselves on having every book on the site read by one of their team members. They try to bridge the gap between books and authors that are lesser known that don’t have the marketing budget to compete with the household names.

Whichbook is operated as a non-profit, so there are no paywalled content or features. You can choose to donate to help keep the site maintained, but outside of that it is completely free.


A new player on scene, Tertulia is an upcoming app that is using artificial intelligence and human suggestions to curate recommendations on a case-by-case basis. The use of AI to determine recommendations has the potential to create unique and personalised book suggestions for readers that are looking for books that are like what they have read before and for those that want something that is a little bit different to their usual reading list.

It is also going to work as an online bookstore by partnering with the Ingram Content Group, a distributer and wholesaler. The app isn’t publicly available yet, but you can sign up for it now on their website to get early access and be notified when it goes live, which they say should be live sometime in northern summer.


Bookfinity offers book recommendations based on a quiz that you take when you sign up for the site. Using your answers to the quiz the site assigns you a reader type and then uses this to make suggestions based on more than just genre and authors. The site uses your personality, interests, hobbies, and reading patterns and behaviours. The site offers users book recommendations, but also the option to review books they have read as well as purchase books they want to read.

Bookfinity was created by one of the largest book distributers and wholesalers in the United States, the Ingram Content Group. It is free to sign-up and use.

We all want to find the next book to read as quickly and easily as possible, and with a myriad of books available and a plethora of ways to discover them the search for your next read can be overwhelming. The process of finding a book to read shouldn’t be daunting and doesn’t need to be exhausting and frustrating. With the right tools at your disposal, finding the right book for you is easier than ever and can lead to new experiences, friendships, and more. By using websites and apps like Carry a Book you can discover new reads and meet like minded people to share your passion for reading with and develop meaningful connections with others.

Image Source: Seven Shooter on Unsplash