10 Must-Read September Books


As the fast-paced world can sometimes be too much to handle, reading provides the perfect way to relax after a busy day and get lost in a story. Whether you’re an avid reader or simply starting out in the reading world, we’ve got some fantastic books that you’ll find exhilarating and insightful. If you have a traditional taste in books or you’re after something new, you’ll find one here amongst our September selections.  

Here are our top books to delve into this month.

1.Somebody’s Daughter by Ashley C. Ford 

No one ever said growing up was supposed to be easy, but with a father in prison for a reason, nobody knows. Ashley Ford finds her life to be highly complicated. For as long as she could remember, Ashley saw her father as a role model and couldn’t understand what he did to end up in prison. 

If you’re looking for an eye-opening and drama-filled read, this book is for you. Somebody’s Daughter unflinching memoir that unravels the personal intricacies of family, betrayal, and truth. A coming-of-age book that explores self-reflection and also hides no complexities when discovering personal identity.

2. Detransition, Baby by Torrey Peters

It is a book full of heartfelt, queer, family, and fulfillment that encounters many unexpected turns and forces the characters into places of deep complexity. Torrey Peters depicts her complex and transgender characters in a three-dimensional and non-performative manner, exploring the messy and convoluted nature of what it means to be true to yourself. 

Torrey delves into the concept of family and what is beyond a heteronormative nuclear family. If you like keeping up to date with 21st-century norms, you’ll find this to be a very insightful and fascinating read about transgender and cisgender.

3. Dopamine Nation: Finding Balance in the Age of Indulgence

by Anna Lembke

In modern-day society, we’re constantly bombarded with easy escapes, habits and endorphin-releasing activities such as food, social media, alcohol, gambling, and movies. Some of these activities may seem harmless to the naked eye, but all hold the potential to become uncontrollable addictions. 

Dr Lembke, a psychiatrist, and author delivers a highly informative but easily digestible read into the cutting-edge scientific research surrounding dopamine. It explores why the pursuit of pleasure leads to pain and what can be done about it. This read successfully balances clinical analysis and storytelling to deliver an overarching message on the importance of managing both pain and pleasure. An informative and exciting read that will leave you reflecting upon your own experiences.

4. When You Are Mine by Michael Robotham

This book is a thrilling, dark, and heart-stopping story written by Michael Robotham, an international best-selling crime author. While delving into police corruption, domestic abuse, obsession, and deception, this fast-paced book has many twists you won’t see coming.

Philomena McCarthy, daughter of a prominent London gangster, has defied the odds of becoming a Metropolitan Police officer. Philomena wants to do good for everyone, but it’s never that easy in a complex world with deceit running rampant. When You Are Mine is a masterfully crafted read that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page of this psychological thriller.  

5. The Paper Palace by Miranda Cowley Heller

When fifty-year-old Elle finds herself in a love triangle, she’s forced to face secrets from the past. The Paper Palace explores the lives of imperfect characters and the painful decisions they make throughout their life.

This book is a drama-filled, unyielding, and incredibly well-written piece of fiction that will keep you reading for endless hours. Elle is forced to choose between her oldest friend Jonas, who was her first love, or the life she has built with her beloved husband, Peter. Heller takes you on a journey through the tragic past of Elle and Jonas and the tensions of desire, abuse, and crime. If you’re looking for a book with complex decisions and darkness, The Paper Palace is the book for you.

6. Under the Whispering Door by T.J. Klune 

Uptight lawyer Wallace Price suddenly suffers a heart attack and is greeted by a sarcastic reaper named Mei. Wallace can’t help but feel confronted with doubts on whether chasing wealth and success had given him a fulfilling life. 

Wallace is granted seven days in a small village before he crosses into the afterlife, where he tries to grapple with the foreboding afterlife. This book brings humour to what is an otherwise deep topic of transformation and death. If you’re looking for an unusual read, this book is guaranteed to have you reading endlessly.

7. The Gilded Ones by Namina Forna

This West African-inspired fantasy shares the story of a sixteen-year-old whose worst fears soon come true. Deka never felt like she belonged in her village, holding an unnatural gift that sets her apart from everyone else. As Deka is determined to become a village member, she prays that she fits in with everyone else.

When threat looms over the empire, Deka battles with acceptance, defiance, and patriarchy. An exciting book that explores colourism and racism with romance, violence, and a lot of courage in a relatively short read.

8. It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover

As Lily makes a name for herself, moving from the small town of Maine to Boston, starting her own business, and meeting a gorgeous neurosurgeon, life seems too perfect. While Ryle is assertive, stubborn, and a little arrogant, he’s got a huge heart for Lily and can’t seem to get enough of her.

While everything seems perfect on the surface, confusing emotions start to sink in as thoughts about her first love, Atlas Corrigan, starts to seep in. Hoover takes the readers on a heart-filled journey as Lily is torn between the life she left behind and the ‘perfect life’ she has now. If you’re looking to get lost in the emotional rollercoaster many relate to, this book is for you.

9. As Good As Dead By Holly Jackson

The third edition of the award-winning series, “A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder,” is exhilarating and has Pip, the main character, facing her most stifling challenge yet. There’s someone out there stalking her, leaving her messages of “who will look for you when you’re the one who disappears?”. 

This story takes you on a journey as things turn for the worse, as the guy she suspects is after her, is already in prison. This book takes you on an exciting mystery, a mission to find out who is really after Lily.

10. She’s on the Money by Victoria Devine

Unlike our other nine-book recommendations, this book is a more educational and helpful book to solve every millennial’s financial problems. In an easily digestible and super-relatable money guide, dividends, Afterpay, savings, and investments – Devine covers it all. 

This is a must-read for any ambitious millennial filled explaining the wins and losses of money and activities to get you on the right foot to save money. Named Victoria’s #1 finance podcast in Australia, Devine aims to empower millennials to take charge of their futures and make the right decisions. 

From a grim reaper who gives second chances to balancing the powers of indulgence and addiction, our September top reads will take you on a new journey and bring new thoughts into your life. We hope you found a book on this list that arouses your interest. 

Next month the Carry A Book team will create another list of thrilling books to read, so get started on one (or five) of these books above and enjoy endless hours of heart-filled stories. Let’s talk about these books together and connect with a community of like-minded readers on Carry A Book.